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Earth Day 2020 | 9 Projects for Environmental Protection

What many have hardly noticed due to all the trouble of the Corona crisis is the lack of rain for weeks – this month’s total rainfall is only 3% of the average rainfall of April¹. A really frightening figure! Even if the corona virus forces us to keep distance, it should not prevent us from continuing to engage in environmental protection, to be loud and to raise our voice for the protection of our planet even in times of a current crisis. That’s why in this blog post you will find information about Earth Day, the online climate strike and environmental protection projects worth supporting.



The annual Earth Day will be 50 years old on 22nd April 2020!
Every year, Earth Day is celebrated as one of the greatest civic events. It stands for the awareness of environmental problems and a sustainable lifestyle. This year the initiators want to flood the digital world under the slogan “climate action” and reach as many people as possible with livestream discussions, a global digital wave and 24 hours of action.

So make the most of your time at home, join Earth Day from our couch, and most importantly, invite friends and family to join in too! All events and information can be found here:



Two days later, on 24th April 2020, a broad alliance of social, environmental and climate protection organisations will support the Fridays-for-Future -movement’s third global climate strike. Since climate protection demonstrations with several million people are currently not possible, the events, actions and demonstrations will be organised purely virtually for the first time. But even if Earth Day and climate strike can only take place digitally, the demands are perhaps more important than ever. Not only is environmental destruction a factor that accelerates pandemics, but the current crisis with Covid-19 also shows how important it is to listen to science. Because: If we all – à la #wearebettertogether – work on solutions and strategies to overcome crises and are ready to act decisively, we can set a lot in motion and create a lot! #FightEveryCrisis

You can find out how you can take part on the Fridays-For-Future page or on Very important – spread the word with the hashtag #netzstreikfürsklima!


And since we believe that every day should be a little bit Earth Day and Greta Thunberg showed us that nobody is too small or unimportant to make a real difference, we would like to invite you to save the environment 🙂

That’s why we have collected 9 clubs, projects and initiatives for you – some of them hardly known but incredibly great. Some of them have got into trouble by Covid-19 and need your support now more than ever.


The Clean River Project e.V. is a non-profit environmental, art and educational project that works for clean rivers and oceans and aims to reduce plastic waste pollution through active water clean-up and education.

Due to the current situation, three CleanUp events, two school projects, a presentation and the opening of the new art exhibition had to be cancelled. With the help of your donation the Clean River Project e.V. would be helped a lot. You can donate via betterplace or via PayPal.


Millions of good furniture end up in bulky waste incineration every year. The initiative has taken up this topic. Through the used furniture platform, kindergartens, schools and non-profit organizations throughout Germany have access to free used furniture. The initiative always tries to place the furniture close to the donor’s location to non-profit organizations with corresponding needs.

Priority is given to non-profit associations and institutions, but there is so much used furniture that the rest is sold to the general public. So have a look!

Of course, the association is not only looking for furniture, but also for support – whether once or regularly, in order to continue to save as much furniture as possible from destruction!


Letzte Werbung is a non-profit and independent association. They all work voluntarily to ensure that mailbox advertising is only permitted with the consent of the recipient. In this way one of the biggest wastes of paper, plastic, CO2 and water can be eliminated. This will save millions of trees every year.

With extremely successful campaigns such as the collection of more than 70,000 objections on, the distribution of more than 100,000 no-advertising stickers and finally the big Bundestag petition “Briefkasten-werbung nur auf Wunsch” with 18,000 signatures, they have already been able to bring the issue to the public and are currently working on a legislative initiative.

You are an experienced lobbyist and can advise the association on its mission? Then we have the perfect engagement offer for you!

You want to know more about the association? In our blog post “Preserve the environment by avoiding printed Advertisement brochures” the work of Letzte Werbung is presented in detail.


ANIMALS UNITED e.V. is an animal welfare association and educational organization with headquarters in Munich, which, however, operates nationwide through 18 active action groups. With the help of animal protection classes they show, how each individual can protect animals and save lives on a daily basis.

The main source of income of the association, the donations of the passers-by during their actions on the streets and the payments for animal welfare lessons, are now unfortunately omitted due to the Corona crisis. Your donation can guarantee the political animal welfare work, running costs. Also the care of the dogs in their supported shelter in Gyula (Hungary) can be garuanteed.

GLS Bank
IBAN: DE12430609678209249700


Zero Waste e.V. is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting waste avoidance and reduction throughout Germany. In addition, the association draws attention to the garbage problem and motivates to lasting changes in all fields.

They usually offer numerous workshops and events on waste prevention. But even now you can inform yourself about the topic Zero Waste on their website. You can find interesting blog articles and petitions there. As it is possible to be aware of Zero Waste even in times of Corona.


The Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk Berlin e.V. is a learning and adventure centre in Berlin’s oldest waterworks in the middle of the Grunewald forest. The association offers workshops and events on nature and environmentally relevant topics. In addition, they also take care of the preservation of biological diversity on its premises.

Due to the cancellation of events, considerable income is now lost, which is a major problem for a non-profit organisation. Your donation could save the association!

Account: Naturschutzzentrum Ökowerk e.V.
IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 1144 9057 00 (GLS Bank)
Intended Use: Spende Wildbienen Ökowerk


MURKS? NEIN DANKE! is a civic organization committed to sustainable product quality. Which means: Recyclable shelf life, optimal usability, easy reparability, free supply of spare parts, regional service, better warranty periods, sustainable resource efficiency and ethical recycling management.

With concrete projects, such as the Konsumakademie and the Berlinrepair, the organisation is counteracting the planned wear and tear. In addition, they are currently building the Qualitywatch platform, on which products that do not meet quality requirements can be reported in the future.

“Geplante Obsoleszenz” (planned obsolescence) is also a thorn in your side? Then support the organisation as a volunteer and help to create a conscious and sustainable consumer society!


The ​Institute for Art and Innovation is an international network working at the interface of art, science and technology to promote social-ecological change.

Through interdisciplinary projects and the provision of intelligent, innovative strategies and ideas from research, people and organisations are to be enabled to develop sustainable visions.

Currently they are actively looking for volunteers for marketing and partner relationship management.


QuerWaldEin is an association based in Cologne, Dortmund and Bonn and inspires people of all ages to discover nature on their own doorstep and experience it with all their senses.

In this way, a wide range of offers creates links between man and nature, heart and mind, local and global in the urban wilderness, on meadows and in the forest. Together, socially and ecologically sustainable thinking and acting can be experienced. Through this a positive emotional and respectful relationship with nature can be established.

Among other things, the association looks after several community garden clubs for children and parents in structurally weaker Cologne districts. In this open and free offer, children and young people are looked after both gardenically and pedagogically by instructors. The association is currently still looking for support for this offer!

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to a petition that we consider very important:


Deutsche Umwelthilfe and the foodsharing initiative call on the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, and all other responsible ministries to commit themselves to immediate legal certainty. Thereby simplify the saving of food.

Especially in the current crisis, legal security is necessary for supermarkets, caterers, bakeries and people who save food and distribute it to people in need. After all, supermarkets and restaurateurs must also be liable for the consequences of food that they distribute free of charge. The same applies to volunteers who save food and do not just pass it on from one private person to another. For many, the risk is therefore simply too high, which is why edible food ends up in the bin.

You would like to use the time to support more petitions? In our blog “7 petitions that you should sign in Corona times” you will find more suggestions!

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If you work for an NPO yourself or know of social organisations in the environmental field that also need support, let us know. Just write a short mail to! 🙂

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¹ Tagesschau, 19.4.2020

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