10 social projects for your Digital Volunteering as a Digital Nomad

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What many people have only become acquainted with through the increased home office in recent months has long been part of everyday life for the generation of digital nomads: location-independent work with the help of digital tools. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you work from home, from the beach in Morocco or from a mountain hut in the Andes – the only thing that matters is that the laptop is charged and the WiFi connection is fast enough.

Unfortunately, also the opportunities for digital workers are currently limited by Corona restrictions and joint activities with other co-workers cannot take place as usual. One way to network with other people despite these limitations, while doing something meaningful and getting new input, is to get involved in digital volunteering with a social organisation.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 digital volunteering projects that you can support right away – no matter where you are in the world.

1 I Support the online marketing of the non-profit climate network Climate Connect


Climate Connect is a young, non-profit climate protection platform with the aim of connecting climate protection activists worldwide and thus accelerating climate protection activities.

As a volunteer you would help the team to promote the network by helping to develop exciting (online) marketing campaigns. Sounds like the right job for you? Then write to the organisation and help to bring climate protection forward.

2 I Program a matching algorithm for volunteer tutoring services


You are familiar with programming languages such as C++, javascript, Typescript and would like to support the initiative of the Studenten bilden Schüler e.V.?

Then prove your programming skills and work on the development of an automated matching algorithm that finds suitable students and pupils for a tutoring tandem. So that you don’t have to start from scratch, you can use the Corona School’s matching algorithm as a basis.

3 I Develop an app that helps to avoid unnecessary advertising leaflets in the letterbox


Letzte Werbung is a non-profit and independent association that works to ensure that letterbox advertisements are only delivered with the recipient’s consent – in order to end the unnecessary waste of paper, CO2 and water.

As a volunteer you would support the team in the development of an app that helps to avoid exactly this and thus contribute to one of the most important projects of the association. Sounds exciting? Then get in touch with the them now.

4 I Support the organisation for culinary meetups BABSI with your social media skills


BABSI is all about authentic culinary experiences. People eat together, regionally, vegetarian or vegan. Traditions are (re)discovered, inhibitions are broken down, sustainable behaviour patterns are developed.

With your social media marketing skills, you can help the young dedicated BABSI team to increase the reach of their project so that even more people find out about it.

5 I Provide tutoring and homeschooling support for children in a refugee shelter


Do you feel like tutoring children and young people in a community accommodation online and helping them with their homework?

The Milaa gGmbH shared accommodation is looking for volunteers who would like to regularly take 1-2 hours 2x per week to work and learn together with the children. The tutoring focuses on German, English, maths and science. Sounds exciting? Then get in contact with the organisation.

6 I Translate educational materials for an interactive learning platform (English/German/French)


In order to make new learning content accessible to as many children of different linguistic backgrounds as possible, the Global New Generation Berlin initiative is looking for people who can translate and proofread. Mainly translators for English, French and German are needed.

You have good language skills in German and/or French and/or English and the project sounds like something you would like to support? Then write a message directly to the organisation.

7 I Conduct interviews and create portraits of people with challenging childhood experiences

REMOTE VOLUNTEERING | Native German Skills needed

The GmbK project would like to present people who have had traumatic childhood experiences in the form of portraits on its website. Thereby, the focus is not on the negative experiences, but on ways of dealing with them as well as solutions.

Would you like to participate in the creation of such portraits by conducting interviews with affected people and capture them in stories? Then contact the project team for a first meeting.

8 I Provide online tutoring in selected subjects for students (5th-13th grade)

REMOTE VOLUNTEERING | Basic German skills needed

The StaySchool.de organisation wants to contribute to educational equality in Germany through free, multilingual and low-threshold online tutoring – regardless of the children’s social, family and financial background.

In order to realise this vision, the project is looking for motivated helpers to tutor children and young people at different grade levels. Would you like to contribute your knowledge to this project? Then contact the team now for a first meeting.

9 I Help people with problems with PCs or smartphones in the Technik-Café

REMOTE VOLUNTEERING | Medium German skills needed

Some people have problems with new technology and are happy if someone helps them to use a smartphone or to surf the internet safely.

It is precisely to help these people that the project “Lebendige Nachbarschaft” (Living Neighbourhood) of the Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg e.V. is looking for volunteers who take time once a month for 1 – 3 hours and explain to (mainly) senior citizens how a smartphone/computer works. Sounds like a good thing to do? Then get in touch with the association.

10 I Become part of the Zero Waste e.V. online editorial team

REMOTE VOLUNTEERING | Advanced german skills needed

Do you enjoy writing, creating social media posts and know your way around Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Then support Zero Waste e.V. by writing and curating the monthly newsletter as well as blog posts, Facebook/Instagram posts and tweets and help to spread their purpose: Together we can make the Zero Waste change!

You did not find the right digital volunteering for yourself? Then simply take a look at vostel.de and discover many more possibilities!

Your vostel.de team wishes you an exciting digital volunteering!

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