Get involved in climate protection | 5 steps for your improved ecological footprint

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Climate and nature protection concerns us all, as it is crucial for the future in which we will live. Each of us can do our part and get involved in minimising their own ecological footprint. You can read about what we at vostel.de here: vostel.de is climate neutral.

In this article, we want to show you 5 simple steps you can take to improve your personal carbon footprint and actively get involved with climate protection.

Step 1 | Calculate your personal carbon footprint.

Quelle: WWF Klimarechner

In order to really change your own influence on the climate, you first need a concrete idea of which of your activities and decisions have an influence on your carbon footprint. Only then will you have the opportunity to consciously make more climate-friendly decisions.

You can find a detailed and clear calculation of your individual ecological footprint for example in the WWF climate calculator.

Step 2 | Make conscious climate-friendly choices in everyday life.

Once you have calculated your personal footprint, you have some good starting points. There are also a number of general measures you can take into account in your everyday life.

  • Travel: Use the bicycle and public transport instead of the car. | Carpool if you travel by car. | Use night trains or buses for longer distances and avoid flights.
  • Energy: Switch to green electricity and gas. | Try not to overheat (even 1°C less saves a lot of CO2). | Turn off electrical appliances instead of putting them on standby. | Use LED light bulbs.
  • Groceries: Buy seasonal and local for shorter transport distances. | Waste as little food as possible (see tips here). | Avoid plastic packaging and use cloth bags, for example. | Avoid meat products as much as possible.
  • Consumption: Consider whether a new purchase is necessary, because many things can also be borrowed or bought second-hand.
  • Banking: Put your money in a sustainable bank so that it is invested sustainably (e.g. Tomorrow, GLS, Tridios).

Step 3 | Get actively involved in climate and nature protection projects.

At vostel.de, we have a large number of organisations that are actively involved in protecting the climate and the environment and would be happy to have your support. Here you will find a small selection:


You still haven’t found the right climate or nature conservation project that you would like to get involved in? Then you can find many more opportunities to get involved at vostel.de!

Step 4 | Offset your carbon footprint with a climate protection organisation.

You also have the option of offsetting your personal CO2 emissions through a CO2 compensation organisation. This way you can really reduce CO2 in the atmosphere in a sustainable way. Here we would like to introduce you to different providers, each of which follows a different approach:

  • ForTomorrow.eu – Planting trees in Germany & buying European CO2 emission rights
  • Atmosfair – Funding of renewable energies in various countries
  • Climate Fair – Compensating for environmental impact costs and investing in local energy-saving projects in Germany
  • Klimakollekte – Promotion of climate protection projects by church organisations in various countries
  • Prima Klima – Protecting old forests and planting new trees
  • My Climate – Funding of climate protection projects in various countries

Step 5 | Make a targeted donation to one of the innovative climate and nature protection projects on betterplace.

The Betterplace.org platform brings together a large number of first-class projects from organisations that are specifically committed to particular areas of climate and nature protection and would be very happy about your crowdfunding contribution.

Your vostel.de team wishes you every success in your commitment to the climate!

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