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Volunteer against Corona | 3 ways to take action against the pandemic

We can all hardly wait to get back to something like “normality”. Given the current development of infections, however, that still seems a long way to go. The good news is that you can contribute to shortening this path and volunteer to fight against Corona. Here we show you three important possibilities to get involved.


jüngere und ältere Frauen schauen zusammen auf ein Smartphone

Vaccination guides are urgently needed. They support senior citizens in making appointments and accompany them to their vaccination. By volunteering as a vaccination guide, you actively help to speed up the vaccination process. And you give the elderly people a feeling of being more safe.

To become a vaccination guide, you can contact your local coordination office. There are a large number of these all over Germany. Some are organised by non-profit organisations, others by municipalities. To find your local office, just do an online search for “your city + Impf-Lotse” (German for vaccination guide).

You live in Cologne? Then check out this volunteering opportunity as a vaccination guide on (requires Basic German Skills)


Corona Testzentrum

The best corona protection is to prevent the spread of the virus. Increased testing plays a central role in this. Especially in old people’s and nursing homes, they are an important means of preventing infections and enabling visits from family and friends.

If you want to become a test helper yourself, you can contact the central hotline of Corona Test Assistance:

There are also voluntary Corona testing centres for the regular population, which you can also find by searching online in your area. For example, you can support this test centre in Stuttgart via (requires Basic German Skills)


Frau klingelt an Haustür mit Einkaufsbeutel in der Hand

As a result of the pandemic, there are constantly a large number of people who cannot leave the house at all or only to a limited extent – due to quarantine and COVID-19 infections, or because they belong to the risk group. You can support them through the Corona Hilfswerk by volunteering in one of 160 local groups in Germany.

As a volunteer, you can help people with shopping (groceries, everyday needs, etc.), run errands or take their pets for a walk. The support is provided in consultation with the people concerned and in accordance with Corona regulations.

Of course, via you have many more opportunities to volunteer against the effects of Corona in your neighbourhood, e.g. in the areas of:

Your team wishes you every success in your fight against the pandemic!

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