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Outdoors & in nature | 5 ideas for your volunteering in spring

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Now that the days are getting longer, the air warmer and the Corona numbers lower, we are looking forward to one thing in particular: finally getting out into the fresh air again and meeting (at least a few) lovely people. At the same time, it’s also the best opportunity to get outdoors into the nature for volunteering in a social project. In this article, we will show you 5 possibilities for getting involved in the outdoors.

If you are not yet convinced by any of the volunteering opportunities, you can find many more projects in your area at vostel.de.


berlin | advanced german skills needed

Support the maintenance of the nature park in Lichtenrade

The Lichtenrader Volkspart e.V. is a non-profit association that takes care of the maintenance of an approx. 4.5 ha large, publicly used nature park on the southern outskirts of the city on a voluntary basis twice a week (Wed. and Sat. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.), thus promoting the biodiversity of flora and fauna.

As a volunteer, you can get involved in many different ways: from plant care and maintenance of paths and fences to the implementation of events related to the outdoors and nature, everything is possible. Your own ideas are also very welcome. Would you like to join volunteering? The association is looking forward to hearing from you!

Cologne | basic german skills needed

Accompany the garden design in an educational garden for children and parents

The Büro für Bürgerengagement of the AWO Köln has rented a herb garden in Buchheim for a working group with parents and children to experience nature outdoors together with the families. For the design of the garden, the working group is looking for people volunteering on a regular basis. If you have a green thumb and enjoy working with parents and children, then sign up now!

Frankfurt main | medium german skills needed

Get involved in an intercultural garden project

The Ev. Verein für Wohnraumhilfe in Frankfurt am Main e.V. is looking for people who would like to contribute creatively to the development of the intercultural garden project and share their green expertise. As a volunteer, you would be available once a week for two to three hours to help the participants with their gardening. As the project is still in its early stages, there are still many ideas that can be brought in and implemented. Does this sound like the right project for you? Then sign up and get involved!


Gruppenbild von winkenden Gäste und Fahrer*innen einer Rikscha-Fahrt
Berlin | Medium german skills needed

Take senior citizens for a ride in a rickshaw

Together with a team of volunteering rickshaw drivers, the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Wannsee regularly takes senior citizens out for a ride outdoors in the nature. If you are interested in volunteering as a rickshaw driver, you can go on a 2-hour ride 1-4 times a month and get into conversation with the passengers. If that sounds like the right thing for you, just get in contact the Wannsee rickshaw captain.

Cologne | advanced german skills needed

Make rickshaw tours with senior citizens

The Cycling without Age initiative was founded in Denmark in 2012 and is now a permanent fixture in over fifty countries worldwide. They want to share the joy of a bike ride with people who can no longer pedal under their own power.

As a rickshaw driver, you take senior citizens on tours of about 1 hour in the close and attractive surroundings of one of the 15 rickshaw locations. You get to talk to the elderly passengers and you can exchange ideas with each other. At the same time, you’ll be out in the fresh air and doing something for your fitness. So what are you waiting for?


Eine Gruppe von Freiwilligen beim Bewässern von Baumscheiben
Nuremberg | medium german skills needed

Record bird species and help protect urban nature

The LBV e.V., with 100,000 members throughout Bavaria, is committed to the protection of species and biotopes by creating nesting opportunities for nesting birds in buildings, providing information about them and recording the occurrence of important species in the Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen region. Would you like to join us and actively go bird watching? Then sign up on the list of interested parties and you will receive a guided tour where you will be informed about everything important!

Berlin | basic german skills needed

Become a tree watering helper in the Hufeisensiedlung in Neukölln

As a volunteer, you can support the private initiative of the BerlinerBäumewässerer (Berlin Tree Waterers) by helping to water 40 (young) trees in the Neuköllner Hufeisensiedlung. On the one hand, you are providing the trees with water, which is especially important during dry periods. On the other hand, you support the initiative in drawing attention to the lack of staff in Berlin’s green space offices and the consequences of climate change.

Register now and join in at one of the next dates:
28.05. | 12.06. | 03.07. | 07.08. | 11:30 – 16:30 each day


Freiwilliger zieht die Achse eines Fahrrads mit einem Schraubenschlüssel fest
stuttgart | basic german skills needed

Build an outdoor rabbit enclosure with senior citizens with disabilities

For many years, two rabbits have been living in the day care centre of the Atrio Leonberg for senior citizens with disabilities and the senior citizens have lovingly taken care of them – but so far only indoors. Now they would like to have an outdoor enclosure in the large green area where people with and without disabilities can enjoy them together.

Do you have the manual skills and the motivation to build this outdoor enclosure? Then grab your toolbox and get to work!

Berlin | Medium german skills needed

Organise a bike repair café

The bicycle repair café is an initiative of the inclusive citizens’ meeting place “Gemeinsam im Kiez leben” (Living together in the neighbourhood) in Alt-Hohenschönhausen, where neighbours are supported in repairing their bicycles themselves. So far, the repair café takes place once a month and takes about 3-3.5 hours to prepare and follow up.

Would you like to run one of the repair cafés yourself and put your tinkering skills to good use? Then get in touch with the initiative.


Kinder hüpfen durch eine Koordinationsleiter bei Sommerfreizeit
Darmstadt | advanced german skills needed

Become a supervisor for farm holiday activities

The learning farm – Hofgut Oberfeld is all about making organic farming comprehensible – with head, heart and hand!

For their farm holiday games for primary school pupils in all school holidays in 2021, the project is looking for interested volunteers to support the pupils. Are you interested in holistic education, enthusiastic about nature and agriculture and want to get involved outside in the summer? Then sign up for the project.

Berlin | advanced german skills needed

Become a teamer for the summer holiday programme “Summer in the Kiez”

The Berliner Stadtmission (Berlin City Mission) offers adventure spaces for children, young people and families in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln with its start-up initiative. In this context, they are looking for team members who want to support this year’s summer holiday programme by volunteering and become active outdoors in nature with the team and the children. In addition to activities such as cooking and baking, a creative programme with upcycling, screen printing, woodworking/sewing workshops and much more is planned.

Do you enjoy working with children and an international team? Then register now for the preparation days on 24 and 25 June. The actual programme takes place during the summer holidays from 28.06. – 06.08. You can discuss with the team how regularly you would like to participate.

You still haven’t found the right project for your volunteering outdoors in nature? Then take a look at vostel.de and discover many more opportunities!

Gruppenbild der vostel Mitarbeiter*innen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

Your team from vostel.de wishes you a joyful volunteering!


  1. Kusum

    I am Kusum, an Indian exchange student in the University of Stuttgart. I am looking for some volunteering opportunities like, organizing something for kids, some outdoor gardening activities, or other outdoor activities where I can be helpful. I am English speaker. My German language skills are very bad. Generally, I try to understand people’s action, reaction or emotions what they want to say or need whenever they speak in German. Most of the time it works for me. Please let me know if you have any volunteering opportunity in Stuttgart with flexible hours (because I have to work in the University). Thank you.

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