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14 digital tools for sustainability, diversity & democracy you should know about

Filter bubbles, shitstorms and hate speech: it is above all the negative aspects of our digital world that make it into the headlines time and again. Yet new digital tools are constantly being created that work for a better world: for example, for more sustainability, the promotion of democracy and diversity. For Digitaltag 2021, we want to celebrate the good side of digitalisation and show you 14 selected digital tools that we find particularly exciting.

Do you have a particular topic that is passionate to you, but it’s not listed? Then take a look at the platforms of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, Sozialhelden, TheNewNew or digital.engagiert. Here you will find many other exciting digital tools for sustainability and a fairer society, or you can contribute your own digital idea.


KONTERBUNT | App for replying to Stammtisch slogans

Handy mit Bild der KonterBunt App

A racist remark at the family party, a sexist joke in the school playground or a derogatory remark about refugees in the pub – you want to respond, but before you can think of a good answer, the situation is already over. The better you prepare for such situations, the easier it is for you to retort. In the app, you can playfully explore possible responses and reaction strategies. Train your counterattacks and intervene for democracy!

HASSMELDEN.DE | Application for easy and anonymous reporting of hate speech

Handy mit der HassMelden App

You can easily report hate speech in the app or on the website. The organisation checks every report for possible criminal relevance. Content that is criminally relevant is immediately reported to the competent investigating authorities. You remain safe and anonymous at all times vis-à-vis the authorities and perpetrators. Of course, you can use hate reporting regardless of where you live and what offences are involved.

META-BOT | Chatbot for barrier-free access to anti-discrimination advice

Screenshot des Chatbots

Meta wants to bring anti-discrimination counselling into the digital age and combine technology with social impact. Those affected can receive counselling directly via mobile phone or PC, without having to wait for an appointment and without a long journey. In this way, they receive anonymous and low-threshold support – especially in different languages.


WHEELMAP.ORG | Digital map to find wheelchair accessible places

Screenshot der Wheelmap

Wheelmap is a map for searching and finding wheelchair-friendly places. Like Wikipedia, anyone can join in and rate publicly accessible places according to their wheelchair-friendliness – worldwide.

DIVERSITY KNOWLEDGE GAME | Team quiz for more awareness around diversity in the work context

der Diversity-Eisberg

More than 14,000 workers and interested people played the Diversity game in 2020, testing their own knowledge on diversity issues. This year there are new quizzes to help you (and your colleagues) expand your knowledge on diversity. If you are new, it is best to start with last year’s quiz.

SIGNDICT.ORG | Open Sign Language Dictionary

Screenshot der SignDict Webseite

SignDict believes that communication is the key to an open society. To promote the integration of deaf people, the platform offers a living sign language dictionary that invites everyone to join.


CODECHECK | Product scanner for food and cosmetics ingredients

Scan the barcode of food and cosmetics with the app or search for product names. This way you can find out directly in the shop what is behind the ingredients and see at a glance whether products are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free or whether they contain palm oil, microplastics, nanoparticles, parabens, paraffins, too much sugar and much more.

ERNTE-TEILEN.ORG | Platform for participation in solidarity-based agriculture

Kreislauf der solidarischen Lanwirtschaft

Solidarity farming means: A farm or market garden supplies food to a group of people in the immediate region. In return, the group provides the necessary means for food production. All participants share the responsibility, the risk, the costs and the harvest. Find a solawi near you easily now.

FOODSHARING.DE | Food saving platform

Foodsharing Logo

The initiative’s food savers are committed to combating food waste by rescuing unwanted and overproduced food in private households and from small and large businesses. Register now on the platform and become a food saver yourself, find food to save in your area and network with other food savers.


NABU SIEGELCHECK | Website & App for checking product labels

In the app and on the website you can see which logos identify environmentally friendly food. With brief information and ratings on the labels, the app helps you find ecologically recommendable products.

FAIRFASHIONGUIDE.DE | Digital map to find fair fashion shops

The FAIR FASHION FINDER from GET CHANGED! shows you local shops that offer fashion made from Fairtrade-certified cotton and provides information about the social and ecological production conditions of the individual brands.

WWF KLIMARECHNER | Website for calculating your own CO2 footprint

Fußabdruck in Farben der Erde

With the WWF’s climate calculator, you can calculate your own CO2 emissions to see how large your own ecological footprint is. In addition to an evaluation, the site also gives you tips on how you can reduce this footprint.


FRAG DEN STAAT | Portal for citizen enquiries to state authorities

Zeichnungen von Dokumenten

The right to information from the state is a fundamental right that every citizen is entitled to. In order to exercise this right, a few pieces of information can help. The FragDenStaat team would like to equip you with the necessary knowledge to exercise this right and to make targeted requests to authorities at EU, federal or municipal level.

OFFENES PARLAMENT | Compact facts on the work of the Bundestag

Abstrahierter Sitzplan des Parlamentes collects information on the work of the Bundestag. The platform offers compact facts on controversial amendments to laws, questions from the parliamentary groups or exciting exchanges in the plenary. It makes the connections between issues and actors more comprehensible and aims to inform more people about political processes.

Gruppenbild der vostel Mitarbeiter*innen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

Your team wishes you lots of fun with the digital tools for more sustainability!

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