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Volunteering in Berlin | 5 projects you can support right away

You are looking for an volunteering opportunity or social commitment in Berlin, but you don’t know exactly which topic you are looking for? Then we have collected 5 charitable projects for you here, in which you can easily get involved. We hope that there is something suitable for you.

The presented projects are no longer current or you would like to get involved in another area? Then you can have a look at Here you will find many other engagement opportunities that need your support. In addition, you always have the possibility to get involved in projects independent of your location via

Person holding a plate with noodles.

1 I Help in the kitchen and food distribution of a community accommodation


The “Haus Kopernikus” of the Berliner Stadtmission is located in Friedrichshain and is a shared accommodation for refugees from all over the world. Here, 150-180 people receive safe accommodation, food and social assistance.

Together with our full-time staff and other volunteers, you will prepare meals and serve them to the residents. In addition, you will take care of keeping the common room clean and tidy. You can help every day in shifts from 7:30-11:00, 12:30-15:00 or 18:15-21:45.

People standing inside the donation center with boxes full of donations.

2 | Sort donations for refugees


Berlin to Borders collects donations and distributes them along the Polish border and in Ukraine. They also run a solidarity store in Berlin where all refugees are welcome and can receive free clothing, hygiene items and much more.

If you want to help as a volunteer in the donation center, you first of all accept the donations. Afterwards, you will sort them and make sure that the donation warehouse is tidy. You will also prepare items to transport to Ukraine.

Table set with coffee and pastries.

3 I Organize a coffee gathering for seniors in Charlottenburg


The Unionshilfswerk Berlin Foundation has been committed to helping people who need help for over 70 years. It responds to the abilities, needs and wishes of the people and thus designs help for self-help for young and old. For the Haus Lietzensee located in Herbartstr. 25 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, one or two volunteers are needed immediately.

If you feel like helping out, you should enjoy organizing on the one hand and working with elderly people on the other. The goal is to create a nice atmosphere. You will prepare coffee afternoons, set up tables and chairs, lay the table and decorate. This takes place once a month for only three hours!

Two people standing behind a bar.

4 | Come to the AHA’s introductory night on 12th December 2022


The AHA-Berlin is an association that serves as a safe space for queer people. It provides a point of contact for events for all people in the LGBTIQ+ spectrum and works entirely on a voluntary basis. In general, activities offered are accessible to everyone.

At the introductory evening you will have the opportunity to get to know other club members and get an insight into the various possibilities of involvement that you could take on here: from bar and technology (light, image, sound) to event support (e.g. photos), support (e.g. stage-hand) and organization (e.g. scheduling) to garden design and digital graphics processing (e.g. for flyers). There are no minimum hours or other obligations. Just join us for a non-binding taster evening and see what suits you.

Person with speech bubble. saying that homlessness needs to be prevented until 2030.

5 | Volunteer by collecting data on homlessness!


The Association for Social-Cultural Work is a federation of associations that works to further develop various projects for homeless people, among others, and promotes volunteerism.

In the night of 31st January 2023 volunteers are required to interview and count homeless people throughout Berlin. This will be done in teams of three, including team leadership, and each team will be assigned a designated area. If you would like to help gather insights on the extent of homelessness and how to prevent it, you can sign up for the list of interested people here.

You haven’t found a volunteering opportunity in Berlin that suits you? Then just take a look at and discover many more opportunities!

Your team wishes you an exciting volunteering experience in Berlin!

Employees of the Vostel Team at the Tempelhofer Feld

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