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3 Bilder, 1 Gärter, 1 Protestierende auf einer Demo, 3 Meschen bei einem Clean-Up

Volunteer for nature & climate | 3 ways you can make a difference now

The federal election in less than 5 weeks will be decisive for the future, because it will determine how resolutely we as a society confront the climate catastrophe. Of course, you don’t have to wait for the election, but can volunteer for climate and nature protection now. In this article we show you three possibilities – depending on how much time and know-how you have.



Menschen bei einem Clean-Up

Litter is a serious problem for our (urban) nature. Not only does it look unsightly floating in the water or lying around in parks. It also endangers our groundwater. For example, a single cigarette pollutes about 40 litres of water. In addition, it is washed from rivers into the oceans and is eaten on its way by animals, which often end up dying from it.

For this reason, the joint clean-ups, which now take place regularly across Germany, are more than just a nice walk with a rubbish bag. They help clean up nature and give it a little breathing space. At the same time, some organisations also include educational measures in their work to make a wide range of people more aware of the issue.

We present 4 initiatives that you can join regularly to clean up your city or your favourite park. Of course, you can also do it on your own and organise your own clean-up with friends or colleagues. All you need are trash bags, gloves and a gripping tong.

Germany-wide | Medium german skills needed

Support one of the regional groups of Ozeankind e.V. with environmental education and clean-ups

Ozeankind e.V. campaigns nationally and internationally with the help of recycling and educational projects for children for increased awareness in dealing with disposable plastic and against the ever-increasing littering of nature by throwaway plastic.

The organisation has regional groups of volunteers in many German cities that you can join at CleanUps, information stands, educational events or workshops.

Berlin | No german skills needed

Join the Clean River Project’s after-work clean-up at the Landwehr Canal

The Clean River Project is a multi-award-winning environmental, art and educational project that campaigns for clean rivers and seas nationwide and aims to reduce plastic waste pollution in German waters. The motto is: clean up, shake up, educate!

They regularly organise Clean-Ups on the Landwehrkanal, where you can easily get involved after work. If you like to join in, note down the dats for the next Clean-Ups on 31.08. and 11.09. – maybe there is a suitable date for you?

Nuremberg | basic german skills needed

Support the Beach Cleaner team at the Wöhrdersee Clean-Up

Beach Cleaner is a small initiative from Nuremberg that campaigns against the littering of the oceans. The initiators live plastic-free themselves and are happy to share their experiences in talks at schools or companies.

Your would like to participate? Then join the next Clean-Up on 18.09.2021 at the Wöhrdersee. You want to be there? The team is looking forward to you joining them!

Cologne | no german skills needed

Join the Rhine Cleanup Day

K.R.A.K.E. organises regular litter collection campaigns on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne and in Cologne’s parks, forests and green spaces. The next clean-up will take place on 11.09.2021. Would you like to be part of it? Then register now!



Zwei Frauen topfen Pflanzen ein
Source: Gary Barnes | Pexels

Healthy green spaces are not only a beautiful place to walk, but also an important factor for our climate. Plants absorb harmful CO2 and produce oxygen – they form the green lungs of our cities. In addition, unsealed green spaces help reduce the risk of flooding because water can seep into them. And, not to forget, they are home and food source to countless animal species that are necessary for a healthy ecosystem.

Here we show you 3 projects in which you can unleash your green thumb.

Berlin | Advanced german skills needed

Support the maintenance of the nature park in Berlin Lichtenrade

The Lichtenrader Volkspart e.V. is a non-profit association that takes care of the maintenance of an approx. 4.5 ha large, publicly used nature park on the southern outskirts of the city on a voluntary basis twice a week (Wed. & Sat. 09:00-13:00), thus promoting the biodiversity of flora and fauna.

You can get involved in many different ways: from plant care and maintenance of paths and fences to the organisation of events related to the outdoors and nature, everything is possible. Your own ideas are also very welcome. Would you like to join in? The association is looking forward to hearing from you!

cologne | advanced german skills needed

Support the garden design in an educational garden for children and parents

QuerWaldEin e.V. has created community garden projects for children and parents in economically weaker neighbourhoods of Cologne. The aim is to enable families to get outdoors and experience nature together.

For the design of the garden, the team is looking for volunteers who would like to contribute and implement their ideas – from building raised beds to insect hotels to preparing fresh food from the garden, everything is possible.

LEIPZIG | no german skills needed

Support the design of the “Wirrwuchs” participatory garden in Paunsdorf

Together with newcomers and residents from Leipzig Paunsdorf, the team from the Wirrwuchs participatory garden is developing a garden as a sustainable and intercultural meeting place.

Would you like to help shape the garden? On an area of 1,340 m², you have a lot of space to create beds in the ground, cosy sitting areas, a greenhouse, small hiding places, playground equipment and raised beds. All you have to do is write a message to the team and you can be part of it.



Foto von Oben auf Personen am Tisch mit Unterlagen und Laptop
Source: Mikael Blomkvist | Pexels

You want to get active beyond local projects? Then get involved at the political level for nature and climate. For example, with campaigns to draw the public’s attention to the urgency of the problem. Or in talks with those who have an influence on major decisions at the political level – at local, state and federal level. Some organisations will give you specific training and support you in talking to politicians.

One date you should definitely show your face at is of course the Fridays For Future global climate strike on 24.09.2021! We will be there and hope you will be too.

Germany-wide | native german skills needed

Support the summer bike ride as a sign for climate-neutral living

The association 3 fürs Klima e.V. wants to set an example for climate-neutral living. In order to communicate this idea to the media, the team has launched the summer bicycle tour “Kick the Tonne”. Its goal is to get one million people to save an additional tonne of CO2 by the time of the UN Climate Change Conference in November 2021.

You can support the association and the project in different ways: as an escort rider with social media skills, with PR work or writing blog posts, as well as with the further organisation of the tour.

germany-wide | advanced german skills needed

Get involved with politicians and campaign for a real 1.5°C policy or start a petition

Swarm for Future‘ was founded by activists from the climate justice movement. It is open to all who want to make a difference between climate strikes and with new forms of action. For a real 1.5 degree policy!

Join one of the constituency teams and support them in parliamentary debates or start a local petition. You can find out how to do this and which tactics and tools work best at the next digital swarm info evening on 26.08.2021. Just drop by.

germany-wide | medium german skills needed

Get involved in a local group for a climate-neutral Germany by talking to members of parliament

In the Paris Climate Agreement, Germany committed itself to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees together with the international community. According to the current state of research, this is only possible if Germany becomes climate neutral by 2035 at the latest.

With your support, GermanZero e.V. is developing a solution to the climate crisis: the 1.5-degree law package that will make Germany climate neutral by 2035. As part of a local group, you and others enter into a dialogue with constituency representatives and present GermanZero and the draft law to them. GermanZero accompanies you comprehensively in the preparation of the talks.

Find your local group now or start your own.

nuremberg | no german skills needed

Support the Climate Camp Nuremberg with your individual skills

The Climate Camp is a project of the Nuremberg climate movement to campaign for compliance with the 1.5 degree target and a climate-neutral city by 2030. It serves as a political contact and networking point as well as an educational and meeting place and gives everyone the opportunity to get involved and finally take action on the pulse of time.

As a supporter, you can become active in various areas: in public relations, in research or in concrete actions and projects. Become part of the climate camp now.

Didn’t find the right commitment to get involved? Then you can find more projects on climate and nature conservation at

Gruppenbild der vostel Mitarbeiter*innen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

Your team wishes you a succesful volunteer experience for climate and nature!

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