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Volunteer in Bonn | 5 projects that are looking forward to your support

Hey Bonn, Ready to volunteer?

Would you like to make a difference in your city of Bonn and get involved as a volunteer? Then we have put together a small but fine selection of social projects that are looking forward to your support.

Don’t see a project you’d like to get involved in? Then you will find many other projects on vostel.de in which you can volunteer in Bonn. Just take a look.

Your vostel.de team wishes you a great volunteering experience!

1 I Get involved in care and learning support at primary schools in Bonn

With the initiative “Groß & Klein” (Big & Small), the Bürgerstiftung Bonn wants to strengthen the school system by supporting teachers and educators in their work with children.

As a school mentor, you take on supporting tasks in the areas of reading promotion, language promotion, supervision or also as a companion on excursions – depending on your individual skills and interests. Of course, you will always be supported by a teacher or educator.

2 I Become a saviour of grandma’s favourite recipes

Kuli Hood is a non-profit social start-up. Similar to the English hero of legends, “Kuli Hood” fights against poverty among the elderly with culinary swords, protects against loneliness and saves grandma’s favourite recipes!

As a digital tandem partner, you help seniors to share their favourite recipes virtually and download them via the recipe database. As a sparring partner, you will help them share their favourite recipes, cook, bake and try them out.

3 I Volunteer in an Oxfam Shop

In the Oxfam shops, volunteer teams sell donated items for a good cause and are thus committed to a just world without poverty. The profits benefit Oxfam’s development work.

Together with your team colleagues, as a volunteer you will ensure that the shop runs smoothly: accepting donations in kind (clothes, books, household goods), sorting, pricing and presenting them in the shop, advising customers, operating the cash register and settling accounts. In addition, you can take part in campaign days and pass on Oxfam’s values and visions to customers. You will work one fixed shift per week (5 hours).

4 I Take on a sponsorship for a refugee in Bonn

The Bonner Verein für Pflege- und Gesundheitsberufe e.V. (Bonn Association for Nursing and Health Professions) would like to qualify people with a history of flight and support them on their career path – with language skills, obtaining vocational qualifications or starting training.

In a tandem, you can take on very different tasks, depending on your own abilities and the needs of your mentee. Basically, it’s about helping with challenges in daily life or in relation to the qualification measures – with finding accommodation, speaking the language, contacting the authorities, supervision or even support on the PC. You should have time for at least one meeting per week.

5 I Set a sign against bullying in schools

Zeichen gegen Mobbing e. V., as a non-profit association, would like to offer a nationwide network for improving the togetherness of tomorrow. To this end, they support those affected, schools and parents in dealing with bullying.

As a social visionary, you would be one of the faces of the association. With your voluntary commitment, you will raise awareness about bullying and sensitise children, parents and teachers in dealing with bullying. Of course, you will be accompanied and optimally prepared for your voluntary work as an anti-bullying coach.

Still haven’t found the right project for which you would like to volunteer in Bonn? Then you will find many more opportunities for volunteering on vostel.de and certainly the right project for you.

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Your vostel.de team wishes you a great volunteer experience in Bonn!

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