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Volunteering in Düsseldorf | 5 projects that are looking for your support

volunteering in Düsseldorf

You live in Düsseldorf and want to get involved in volunteering activities? But don’t know which organisations exist and how you can support them? In this blog post you will find a selection of exciting social projects that are always happy to have helping hands and motivated volunteers.

Don’t see a project you’d like to get involved in? Then you will find many other opportunities for volunteering in Düsseldorf on vostel.de. Just take a look.

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1 I Support homeless people in the winter project “Warm through the night”


The project “Warm through the night” of youngcaritas Düsseldorf is aimed at people without shelter, to whom the young volunteers distribute warm drinks and small meals (soups, pastries, fruit). Would you like to be a part of this and help people get through the winter in good shape? Then get in touch with the team.

2 I Design play activities in an after-school care centre for children


The non-profit organisation Jumpers gGmbH offers an open programme for children in the afternoon. In addition to a free lunch, there is homework help and learning support. Of course, playing games is not neglected either: Board games, table tennis, air hockey, role-playing games, handicrafts, etc. are all part of the programme and can be planned by you and implemented with the kids. Could this be an afternoon activity for you? Then come and have a look!

3 I Volunteer in an Oxfam Shop


In the Oxfam shops, volunteer teams sell donated items for a good cause and are thus committed to a just world without poverty. The profits benefit Oxfam’s development work.

Together with your team colleagues, as a volunteer you will ensure that the shop runs smoothly: accepting donations, sorting them, presenting them in the shop and advising customers. In addition, you can take part in campaign days and pass on Oxfam’s values and visions to customers. You will work one fixed shift per week (5 hours).

4 I Pass on appreciation for vegetables and the value of food as a Acker coach


More appreciation for nature and food – this is what Acker e.V. is working for with its award-winning educational programmes GemüseAckerdemie and AckerRacker. For 2022, the association is looking for reinforcements in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. As an Acker coach, you can support the organisation in making sustainable changes to education about cultivation and nutrition. For a generation that knows what it eats.

5 I Become a shopkeeper in the give-away shop of Niemandsland e.V.


Niemandsland e.V. is a small group of people who have opened a for-free shop in Düsseldorf and want to make it available to everyone. They work on a voluntary, unpaid basis and strive to treat people, animals and resources with respect according to the principle of the for-free economy. Sounds like a project you would like to be a part of? Then get in touch with the team now.

Still haven’t found the right project for which you would like to volunteer in Düsseldorf? Then you will find many more volunteering opportunities on vostel.de and certainly the right project for you.

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Your vostel.de team wishes you a joyful volunteering in Düsseldorf!

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