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Volunteering in Munich

Volunteering in Munich | 5 projects you can support right away

Do you want to get involved in a volunteering activity in Munich this spring, but don’t know which one is right for you? Then take a look at these 5 selected charitable projects that are looking forward to your support.

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zwei Männer sprechen miteinander

1 | Support as Ukrainian/Russian interpreter at the Munich arrival centre

All Ukrainians who have fled to Munich can register at the arrival centre. In order to ensure communication, the Diakonie München und Oberbayern is urgently looking for Ukrainian-speaking helpers who can interpret. Do you speak Russian and/or Ukrainian? Then contact the team.

2 | Get involved in the International Documentary Film Festival DOK.fest Munich in May 2022

DOK.fest Munich is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe with a focus on long, creative and international documentary films. Around 120 films from over 40 countries by filmmakers from all over the world are shown. As a motivated documentary film and festival enthusiast, you now have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of DOK.fest Munich and actively participate.

3 | Support refugees as an online coach

As a DigitalAid Coach at Arrival Aid, you support refugees in managing their increasingly digital everyday lives. Some refugees have difficulties organising their lives digitally. During the pandemic, they are therefore excluded from digital learning opportunities, among other things. As DigitalAid Coaches, you will help them to close these gaps in their knowledge over a period of 2-6 weeks (depending on their needs) and enable them to navigate their increasingly digital everyday lives.

4 I Support a clothing depot in sorting donations in kind

The Diakonie Munich and Oberbayern has a small clothing store in the arrival centre for refugees at Maria-Probst-Str. 14. Many clothing donations arrive there, which we usually pass on to newly arrived refugees. The team at the clothing store would be very happy if you could help them sort the clothing donations on a one-off or regular basis.

5 I Support socially disadvantaged children with homework supervision

The Artists for Kids regularly offer homework supervision for children. The children receive 1:1 support in various subjects. Currently we have several children from grade 1 to 9 who need support. Some of them do not receive sufficient support at home and have difficulties finding their feet in everyday school life.

As a volunteer, you would help the children and young people with their homework and support them in studying for rehearsals, thus giving them a better perspective for the future.

Haven’t found a suitable volunteering activity in Munich for you yet? Then take a look at and discover many more opportunities!

Your team wishes you joyful volunteering in Munich!

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