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Spring at last | 5 ideas for your volunteering outside in nature

Menschen bepflanzen ein Beet

The long winter is slowly coming to an end and the warmer temperatures are awakening the anticipation of spring. So it’s high time to venture out into the countryside again. For example, by volunteering in nature. We show you 5 ideas on how to get active this spring and wish you lots of fun!

You can find many more projects for your volunteering in nature in your city at any time on vostel.de.

LEIPZIG | no german skills needed

1 | Get involved in the Leipzig summt garden project and actively participate in insect protection

The association Leipzig summt is looking for active support in the expansion or construction of insect-friendly elements in their insect and meeting garden in the south-west of Leipzig. Do you have a knack for handicrafts and enjoy helping to protect and preserve insects in Leipzig? Contact the team now and be part of it.

BERLIN | no german skills needed

2 | Collect litter on the banks of the Landwehr Canal at the Cleanup by the Clean River Project

On 23 April, the Clean River Project and many volunteers will be cleaning the banks of the Landwehrkanal from plastic and other rubbish from 2-5pm. If you want to join them, all you need is functional clothes (which can get dirty), something to eat and drink for the time, and gloves if you have them. If you don’t have any, you can get them on site. The team is looking forward to your helping hands!

MUNICH | basic german skills needed

3 | Support the creation of a plant exchange market

The Neuperlach Stadtteilbüro would like to set up a plant exchange market! For this, they are looking for hobby gardeners and plant-loving interested people who would like to support them in the implementation. All you need is a little love for plants and some organisational skills. Sounds like a nice task for spring, doesn’t it?

HANNOVER | Medium german skills needed

4 | Get involved in species conservation by mowing and raking a butterfly meadow

NABU Hannoverscher Vogelschutz mows a large butterfly meadow twice a year with hand scythes to promote insects and flowering plants, especially the six-spotted widder (Zygaena filipendulae). Only about 50% of the area is mown, the rest is left standing to preserve the habitat of various small animals. Support is needed for mowing and raking the areas. So if you feel like working together in the fresh air, then register now for the first date on 19.05.2022 (8 am – 3 pm). The team is looking forward to seeing you!

germany-wide | advanced german skills needed

5 | Pass on appreciation for vegetables and food as an AckerCoach

More appreciation for nature and food – this is what Acker e. V. is working for with its award-winning educational programmes GemüseAckerdemie and AckerRacker. As an AckerCoach, you become part of a growing community of over 300 AckerCoaches and accompany places of learning (schools and daycare centres) in your city with expert advice on planting and growing vegetables – and make children and educators happy. To prepare you for your task, you will receive training and an allowance for your work. Sounds exciting? Then become an AckerCoach in your city.

You haven’t found the right project for your volunteering in nature yet? You can find many more opportunities in your city at vostel.de.

Gruppenbild der vostel Mitarbeiter*innen auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

Your vostel.de team wishes you a joyful volunteering in nature!

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