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Silhoutte von Frankfurt

Volunteering in Frankfurt | selected charitable projects you can support now

In Frankfurt, there are numerous volunteering opportunities in non-profit organizations where you can get socially involved. Here we introduce you to 6 charitable projects that are looking forward to your support.

There is no topic that really appeals to you? Or the projects are no longer up to date? Then you will find many other opportunities to get involved in social projects at

1 | Become part of the “Adler in Aktion” and support the inclusive Eintracht Frankfurt fan club

The enthusiasm for football unites people around the Globe. With this in mind, the Eintracht Frankfurt fan club “Adler in Aktion” is committed to improve the inclusion of people with learning or cognitive disabilities, creating an important meeting place and promoting inclusion in and through sports. Together in a team, you can help to organize stadium visits and other leisure activities. In doing so, you can make many new contacts by approaching people in need of help and enabling them to participate in an active fan culture. 

Football is not really your thing? No problem! Everyone can get involved in “Adler in Aktion”. What is important is to become part of the community through sharing common experiences.

2 | Accompany and support Ukrainian refugees in their job search

The Imagine Foundation supports people who have fled Ukraine and are now looking for a job in Germany. With a permanent contact person who supports them with questions and stands beside them, it is often easier to arrive and settle in another country. In this project, you can get involved as a mentor and support refugees in their job search. In regular meetings, you will address the individual needs of your mentee and help with valuable tips and advice. Would you like to share your experience and knowledge? Then get in touch now.

Soziales Engagement für Grundschulkinder in Bonn

3 | Organize intercultural cooking events for newcomers and locals

The association Über den Tellerand organizes monthly intercultural cooking events for people with and without refugee experience. These events create a special meeting place for people of different backgrounds and cultures to get to know each other and exchange ideas in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. With many international dishes, you go on a culinary world tour with the participants. In addition to that, you can help them to improve their language skills. 

The event team is looking forward to active support in planning new cooking events. If you enjoy teamwork and being an event host, then this project is just right for you!

4 I Get involved and accompany elementary school children on their way to secondary school

Reading mentorships are a valuable support for elementary school children with difficult starting conditions. Reading together strengthens the children’s self-esteem, leads to positive learning experiences and opens up new perspectives in their school development. Through the “LeseTandem+” project, you can work toward more equal opportunities in the education system. With the exciting task as a reading mentor, you strengthen the children’s self-efficacy and make them fit for secondary school.

5 I Give a yoga class for locals and people with a migration background

Start with a Friend is committed to promote active participation in a culturally diverse society by creating meeting spaces for people with and without an immigration background through tandem mentorships. In order to offer a monthly yoga class to the international community, volunteers are currently being sought to plan and lead these classes.

You like to do yoga outside in the park and already have some experience in leading classes? Then the team of Start with a Friend e.V. is looking forward to hearing from you. An active international community with many enriching encounters is waiting for you. It is not necessary to be a certified yoga teacher.

6 I Meet up with newcomer families in a recreational mentorship for joint activities in nature

The team of Familiy Playdates e.V. combines the topics of integration and nature conservation by arranging mentorship programs between newly arrived and local families.  Tandem partnerships can be a very enriching experience for both sides. They help to settle in quickly and promote intercultural learning. With a variety of excursions and workshops in nature, the team has developed an inclusive event program that connects people and at the same time raises awareness for more environmental protection. 

If you would like to strengthen the social community on a local level with your commitment and at the same time focus on the issue of ecological sustainability, then sign up now. The team is looking forward to your support.

You haven’t found a suitable volunteering opportunity in Frankfurt yet? Then take a look at and discover many more opportunities.

Your Team whishes you a joyful volunteering in Frankfurt!

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