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Tafeln in Germany | Why demand is so high lately & how you can support them

Pandemic, war in Ukraine, rising food and energy prices – reports on crises do not come to an end, putting more and more people on low incomes in financial distress. This has a noticeable impact on the Tafel in Germany, which works day after day to support and provide people in need with inexpensive food and other household goods. 

While on the one hand the need for support is rising significantly, the increased prices in almost all areas of life are simultaneously leading to a decline in the willingness to donate. In this combination, many local food banks no longer see themselves in a position to adequately supply or even accept new customers. You can find more information about this in a current press realease of the Tafel.

Source: Tafel Düsseldorf

What does the Tafel do?

The umbrella organization Tafel Deutschland e.V. has more than 960 food banks in cities and communities throughout Germany. According to its own reports, more than 60,000 volunteers are committed to provide food and other items for people in need. Currently, more than two million people are supported by the different local food banks. In this way, the Tafel in Germany makes an enormously important contribution to the support of people with lower incomces.

Who are the people seeking support at the local food banks?

The economic collapse caused by the pandemic has already led to an enormous increase in customers. Also the high inflation rate is now forcing more and more pensioners, but also students to access the services offered by the food banks. The poverty report of the German Joint Welfare Association confirms these developments in a current data collection on the poverty rate in Germany. It states that never before have so many people had to be classified as at risk of poverty or income poverty.

In addition, there are numerous refugees, lately especially from the Ukraine who are looking for support at the Tafel. The local administrations often refer directly to the local food banks without any consultation about their capacities. This is a cause for concern, as the actual state task of supporting people in need is being outsourced to private volunteers. It is becoming more and more common that there is not enough food and volunteers available to help everyone who is currently in need of support.

This how you can support the Tafel in your city now

Source: unsplash

In this situation, the food banks are particularly dependent on sufficient donations. In addition to food donations (find more information here), financial donations are also important in order to cover rising energy costs for example. You can make a donation for the local food banks via or directly support the Tafel in Germany.

Whether as a driver, in the sorting and distribution of donated food or in the administration, the need for volunteer support has never been as high as it is now. Here and on you can find numerous opportunities to get involved with the local food bank in your city. 

Volunteering Opportunities on


Support the Tafel in Cologne as a driver 

As a volunteer, you can get involved once a week or more often. As a (co-)driver, you take over a tour along various supermarkets and collect donated food.

(advanced German skills needed)


Support the Neusser Tafel as a driver and help to save food

As a (co)driver, you take over a tour to pick up food donations along a fixed route from supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, etc. in the district of Neuss.

(advanced German skills needed)


Support the transport of food donations

The Tafel in Düsseldorf is looking for drivers to pick up food donations from supermarkets and bring them to people in need.

(advanced German skills needed)


Get involved and support the local food bank in Stuttgart und Fellbach

The Schwäbische Tafel Stuttgart e.V. is looking for helpful support in many areas. In transport and logistics or as shop assistant – they are always happy about new volunteers.

(basic German skills are required)


Help to sort and distribute food donations to people in need in Berlin

Together in a team you can help to support and provide people in need with food and other household goods. Sign up for a shift now!

(basic German skills are required)


Become part of the campaign “Kauf ein Teil mehr” and help to collect food donations

The Dortmunder Tafel e.V. is looking for volunteers to support the campaign “Buy one Part more”. In front of supermarkets, you help to collect food donations and to increase the awarness for the current situation.

(advanced German skills needed)


Support the local food bank in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

The Tafel Ginsheim-Gustavsburg is looking forward to your support. There are various opportunities to get involved.

(basic German skills are required)

Would you like to get involved in other areas this summer? Then you can find more projects on

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Your team wishes you a joyful volunteering experience!

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