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5 project ideas for your volunteering in Bremen

Are you looking for projects for your volunteering in Bremen? Then one piece of information first: there are many ways in which you can get involved with people and nature in your city. To make your search a little easier, we present 5 non-profit projects that would be very happy about your support.

There is no volunteering opportunity for you or the projects are currently no longer looking for volunteers? Then take a look at Here you can find more volunteer opportunities in Bremen. In addition, you always have the opportunity to get involved in location-independent projects via

5 Menschen stehen nebeneinander und lachen

1 | Support refugees from Ukraine in their job search and arrival in Germany

The Imagine Foundation is building a Europe that welcomes the world with open arms. A Europe that rediscovers its place as a global beacon of freedom, hope and opportunity. To help refugees from Ukraine and other countries arrive, the organization is looking for dedicated volunteers.

The tasks for you as a volunteer can be of different nature: From mental support, to the joint processing of the resume to the preparation for interviews. You will receive extensive support from the team and become part of the Imagine community of other volunteers, coaches, fellows and companies.

Eine Fahrradwerkstatt

2 I Support in the bicycle workshop in the transitional residence for refugees

Awo Bremen runs a transitional home for refugees in Gröpelingen. For the in-house bicycle workshop, the organization is looking for volunteers who can take on simple repairs: e.g. mending inner tubes, repairing lighting systems, and adjusting brakes or gears. The aim is not to be a “full-service workshop”, but to help people help themselves. The residents should learn how to repair their bicycles on their own.

Whether you are a trained bicycle mechanic or a hobby mechanic, the team is looking forward to your skills and support!

Ehrenamtliche bei Oxfam
Bild: © Kieran Doherty

3 | Volunteer at the Oxfam Shop

In the Oxfam shops, volunteer teams sell donated items for a good cause and are thus committed to a just world without poverty. The profits benefit Oxfam’s development work.

Together with your team colleagues, as a volunteer you will ensure that the shop runs smoothly: accepting donations, sorting them, presenting them in the shop and advising customers. In addition, you can take part in campaign days and pass on Oxfam’s values and visions to customers. You will work one fixed shift per week (5 hours).

Büro der Klimazone Bremen-Findorff von außen

4 I Play an active role in shaping climate protection in Bremen

The Climate Zone Bremen-Findorff wants to reach, network and support local people. Here, fellow citizens can find support in a strong network that is intended to help make the district more lively, livable and sustainable.

For this purpose, the association is looking for active and creative volunteers who want to get involved in all existing and future projects of the climate zone. All areas are open for engagement: from the joint implementation of events, to a weekly climate café, to the dissemination of the idea in the district and online. The team is looking forward to you and your support!

Menschen mit vollen Müllsäcken nach einem Cleanup

5 I Get involved for a clean environment in Bremen

CleanUpYourCity is taking active steps to combat the flood of trash and invites people to participate in public trash collection campaigns – so-called Clean-Ups – via social media. The goal is to recruit patrons in every district of Bremen who will organize public clean-ups on their own and inspire their neighbors, family and friends to join in. A positive side effect: Clean-Ups connect people, strengthen the feeling of togetherness and are fun!

In addition to support for its CleanUp actions, the association is also looking for volunteers who feel like taking care of the organizational work in the background. Join us and get involved for a clean environment.

You haven’t found the right volunteering opportunities in Bremen for you yet? Then just take a look at and discover many more opportunities!

Your team wishes you an exciting volunteering experience in Bremen!

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