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In-kind donation request

Soil and plants for the outdoor area in a shared shelter for refugees

Siverstorpstrasse 5-19, 13125 Berlin

Information about the request


Living in shared accommodation is not easy. The containers are small, dark, noisy and gray. Therefore, we would like to "green up" the outside area together with the residents in order to create as much feel-good atmosphere as possible and to create something new that will bring joy and hope.Therefore we we need:

- 1 cubic meter of plant soil

- 64 colorful flower plants for the "front gardens" of the living containers

- 16 young plants for two raised beds (herbs, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries ...)

- 24 colorful flower plants and several seeds for green areas on the premises

Thanks a million for your support!!!

Non-profit organisation

GU Siverstorpstraße - Evangelisches Jugend-und Fürsorgewerk (EJF)

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We can pick up the donation
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About the Non-Profit Organisation

GU Siverstorpstraße - Evangelisches Jugend-und Fürsorgewerk (EJF)

The Evangelische Jugend- und Fürsorgewerk (EJF) is a diaconal-social institution with over 120 institutions in Berlin, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Poland and the Czech Republic. A total of almost 15,000 people are permanently or temporarily cared for by more than 4,000 staff at the EFJ's facilities. The EJF gemeinnützige AG is headed by Dr. Andreas Eckhoff, Chairman of the Executive Board, and Norbert Schweers, Member of the Executive Board.

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