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Smartphones for our partners in Malawi to communicate with us

Gervinusstr. 19a, 10629 Berlin

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From Germany, we supervised four construction sites in Malawi this year. This was only possible if there was a smartphone on site to correspond via WhatsApp and to send drawings, documents etc. and get back photos and small videos. With our partner, the Chiuno CBO (community based organisation), this year, in which no travel was possible because of Corona, communication only took place if it was possible via third parties. Therefore, we are looking for smartphone donations so that we can better communicate with the local community or the executive board of the CBO. Last November we built a solar-powered charging station in the village. The local people who live at the subsistence level cannot buy a device, not even a used one (if such a device could be obtained at all). So whoever can hand over a functioning device helps the people in Malawi and our cooperation. In 2021 we want to start building the classrooms and the kindergarten. There will be much to discuss and exchange...

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YOOW e.V. - Young and Old for One World

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By mail/parcel service (postage paid by us)
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YOOW e.V. - Young and Old for One World

Young and old for one world... for the benefit of the disadvantaged. After ten years of development cooperation in Sierra Leone and four years of refugee work in Berlin, our focus has been on Malawi since 2018. We are currently working on the construction of a kindergarten, a school, educational workshops especially for women who want to set up their own independent existence, a doctor's house and a canteen for school meals with teaching and distribution of varied food from our own permaculture.

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