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In-kind donation request

Minibus for evacuation of threatened people in occupied territories needed in Ukraine

Marburger Str. 87 34127 Kassel , 34127 Kassel

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The request is urgent. People need minibuses in the Kharkiv region to be able to evacuate people from the occupied areas.
Incessantly, people are on the road in vehicles to supply soldiers and the injured with food, distribute aid packages and evacuate people. The cars break down, are themselves shot at or destroyed. These vehicles are like an umbilical cord that is desperately needed to sustain life. We are thinking about what might be the best way to help there. Unfortunately, we don't have all the answers. Please, write us your ideas.

Non-profit organisation

Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. - Kassel / Nordhessen

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Mode of transport

We can pick up the donation
A volunteer will drop off the donation

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Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. - Kassel / Nordhessen

Voluntary service and volunteering for people in need. Faith and helping in the tradition of the Order of Malteser still relevant today.

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