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Gemeinschaftsunterkunft für Geflüchtete Marzahn

Hero is a private company offering services aimed towards the target groups asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. We are one of the largest organizations in Norway within our field and now we are offering our services in Germany as well. We established our first reception center in 1987 and have since played an important role in the development of the Norwegian reception system. Hero offers continuous services beginning with the asylum seeker’s arrival, continuing with the stay, and on to integration in employment and education.

The refugee community centre in Berlin-Marzahn was opened up in Berlin-Marzahn in 2017. We have a capacity of 450 pax. Currently, there are about 125 minors (> 18 y.) living at this place. Most of them go to kindergarten or school on a daily basis. However, we try to ease their living conditions by offering them a daily after-school programme. In order to realise this, the support of volunteers is not only very welcome but much needed. 

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Gemeinschaftsunterkunft für Geflüchtete Marzahn

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