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Test the website of a social organization

Remote Volunteering

About the Non-Profit Organisation

We are a  Berlin-based social enterprise with a big dream: We want to give everyone the chance to get involved and make a difference in local volunteering projects – regardless of how much time they have, what language they speak or what skills they bring with them. Since our founding in 2015, we have been able to match more than 8,000 committed individuals with more than 300 partner organisations and their volunteering opportunities. In addition to recruiting volunteers and advising non-profit organisations on all aspects of their volunteer management, we help companies plan and implement rewarding corporate volunteering activities. At present, vostel is operating in Berlin, Cologne and Munich.

More about the organisation

About the volunteering opportunity

Test the website of a social organization

Many smaller social organisations have to manage their tasks with few resources and do a great job every day. Unfortunately, they often have too little time (and money) to take care of a professional and user-friendly website. By organizing the Online Volunteering Day, we want to help these organizations to find as many test persons as possible to put their website through its paces.

This way you can help

Your Tasks

On the basis of a questionnaire we prepare, you test the website for usability.The organisation will afterwards receive this and can use your feedback to improve the processes on their website.

The duration of the assignment cannot be estimated in advance. It depends on the complexity of the pages or what the organisation would like to know from you. The event will not last longer than the scheduled 3 hours. If you should be finished earlier, you can of course leave.

Whats needed

You do not need IT or UX Skills

German Skills

Please note: For this volunteering opportunity, you need German skills on the level „Advanced German skills“.

Other Things You Should Know


It is ok to only help once.


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?

Insurance accidient Insurance liability

Yes, both

When you can help

For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.