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Bicycle training with (refugee) women in Rathenow (Brandenburg)

Berlin, Berlin
You will find out the exact address after your binding registration.

About the Non-Profit Organisation


#BIKEYGEES e.V. provides free bicycle training for (migrant) girls and women. In addition to practical training we also provide road safety instruction in multiple languages, as well as basic bike repair and maintenance skills. We started in September 2015 as a small empowerment project. Since then we have grown into a non-profit association for education and integration work and were recognised as such in May 2016. Our training enables instant and permanent improvements to the quality of life of our participants.

More about the organisation

About the volunteering opportunity

Bicycle training with (refugee) women in Rathenow (Brandenburg)

Every woman should be able to ride a bike! For us, cycling means being able to travel in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, it is a joy of movement, helps to explore one's own surroundings, and means freedom and independence. Not every woman has the opportunity to learn to cycle. That is why we exist. Our trainings are open to all women* and girls from 14 years of age, regardless of origin, age, religion or status.

Our trainings aim to teach as many women as possible how to ride a bike and prepare them for a safe ride in traffic. Please understand that we need our full attention for this - please refrain from interview requests. Unfortunately our capacities are not sufficient for this. If you would like to learn more about us, our joint train ride is an excellent way to ask questions.

This way you can help

Your Tasks

We are looking for women who support our participants in their training from the first turn of the crank - with holding, pushing, motivating, and above all with a lot of good humour! Please come on time, because we can't miss the train. On site, please have a little patience to bear the slight chaos at the beginning. Another task is to teach traffic rules, but don't worry, we have documents on site and will help you if you are not sure... ;-)

Whats needed

Please note that due to the close contact to our 'students' we can only use female supporters in our trainings!

Please only register as a helper if you can be there the whole time (08:50h - 17:55h). We will drive there and back together. There will be plenty of time to get to know each other and answer all your questions, e.g. about #BIKEYGEES.

The journey takes place by train, for which we cover all costs.

You do not need to bring your own bike.

German Skills

For this volunteering opportunity you don't need any German skills.

Other Things You Should Know

Important notice

Attention: The bike training takes place in Rathenow (Brandenburg) and not in Berlin.

We are only looking for female helpers, because we are a safe-women-space. Please be on time to not miss the little introduction and have some patience to bear the slight chaos at the beginning. If you don't know what to do, just talk to someone or watch how it works and ask, e.g. if you can replace one of the pushers.



It is ok to only help once.


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?

Insurance liability

Only casualty insurance

When you can help

You need to sign up for this project 2 day(s) in advance

  • Fri, 25/09/2020
    08:50  –  17:55
    2 of 2 booked
  • Fri, 02/10/2020
    08:50  –  17:55
    1 of 2 booked
  • Fri, 09/10/2020
    08:50  –  17:55
    0 of 2 booked
  • Fri, 16/10/2020
    08:50  –  17:55
    0 of 2 booked
  • Fri, 23/10/2020
    08:50  –  17:55
    2 of 2 booked
  • Fri, 30/10/2020
    08:50  –  17:55
    0 of 2 booked