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3 fürs Klima

Editing/cutting of image material/videos for our social media channels

Remote Volunteering
Requirement: German native speaker

About the Non-Profit Organisation

3 fürs Klima

3 fürs Klima e.V. was founded in early 2020. The association aims the goal of climate neutrality. It shows that and how we can already live climate neutrally today. The already more than 50 members commit themselves accordingly to a climate-neutral life. 

The association was initiated by Dr. Michael Bilharz, who is responsible at the Federal Environment Agency for the CO2 calculator, which was accessed by almost one million people in 2019. Bilharz is also regularly consulted as an expert for climate-friendly consumption by various media. The eponym and the conceptual heart of the association is the "Triad for Climate": reducing your own footprint, compensating the rest and increasing your handprint, i.e. your impact on society. Because climate protection is not a private matter, but a community task. 

If all 3 individual basic strategies are brought together, climate protection can be achieved faster and better. New motivation for the commitment of the individual will be released: instead of frustration that today we are still far from a climate-friendly CO2 footprint of less than 1 tonne, the triad for climate will bring the central climate policy goal of "zero-emissions" into the present.

More about the organisation

About the volunteering opportunity

Editing/cutting of image material/videos for our social media channels

For our campaign "Die KLIMAWETTE" we are currently looking for nationwide support for our blog, which can easily be done from home.

"Die KLIMAWETTE" ( is a nationwide initiative, where every single person is important. We are a team that already has a number of skills but we definitely want to become more and have many ideas to make the Klimawette big together.  

Our goals: 

  • Winning 1 million participants 
  • Saving 1 million tonnes of CO2  
  • 1 political message: Do more! 

We are betting that by the next UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2021, we will have won over one million people who will each save at least one tonne of additional CO2: Through a donation of 25 euros to a climate protection project and through further measures we take ourselves. To this end, we have included various tips and challenges on the website and cooperation with green electricity providers, eco-banks, etc. The initiative comes from Germany, but the English website is currently under construction to make it easier to involve people from other countries. 

This way you can help

Your Tasks

  • Support our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Twitter 
  • Cutting of videos and editing/design of visual material with statements by politicians/ institutions and organisations on the Klimawette/climate protection

Whats needed

  • You are interested in sustainability & climate protection 
  • You are comfortable with social media 
  • Creative work is your thing 
  • You can write well

You will fit into our team if

You fit into the team if you can combine individual action and political commitment and if climate protection is a problem of today for you.

German Skills

Please note: For this volunteering opportunity, you need German skills on the level „German native speaker“.

Other Things You Should Know


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?

Only casualty insurance


For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.