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Knitting or crocheting scarves, beanies or socks for homeless people

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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Diverse NPOs

Various NPOs from the network will benefit from this volunteering opportunity.

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About the volunteering opportunity

Knitting or crocheting scarves, beanies or socks for homeless people

Winter is just around the corner. For many homeless people, warm clothing is especially important at this time of year. We are therefore looking for committed people who knit or crochet scarves, socks and beanies to support homeless people with a warming garment. If you would like to knit or crochet and participate, you can contact our Corporate Volunteering Team of here. We work together with several homeless shelters and institutions and make sure that the knitted scarves arrive where they are needed.

This way you can help

Your Tasks

You knit or crochet scarves, beanies or socks, which are then given to homeless people. You can send the finished scarves, caps and socks directly to the organisations by post. Whether you want to knit or crochet one or more pieces is up to you and depends on how much time you bring along.

Whats needed

For this engagement you need wool, knitting needles/crochet hooks and experience in knitting.

German Skills

For this volunteering opportunity you don't need any German skills.

Other Things You Should Know

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It is ok to only help once.


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?



For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.