Ozeankind e.V.

Take a stand against plastic litter - Leipzig

Leipzig, Sachsen
Requirement: Medium German skills

About the Non-Profit Organisation

Ozeankind e.V.

With the help of recycling and educational projects for children, we are working nationally and internationally to raise awareness in the use of disposable plastic and to combat the ever-increasing littering of nature with disposable plastic.

Environmental education for adults also takes place at Ozeankind® e.V. of course - although mostly in theory. For adults it is mainly about leaving the comfort zone, rethinking their own habits and creating awareness of the consequences.

More about the organisation

About the volunteering opportunity

Take a stand against plastic litter - Leipzig

Our volunteer support bases are part of the association, but for the most part they organise themselves. There is one leader per base who acts as a contact person for the specific region. If you are interested in a waste-reduced, environmentally conscious life and share our message, we are happy to have you on our team. Don't be afraid in each base you will find other Ozeankinder who will make the world a little bit better together with you.

Just have a look at our Instagram channel, or send us an e-mail.

This way you can help

Your Tasks

  • Contact for people who are regionally interested
  • Spreading the Ozeankind "message"
  • Meetings to plan and organise actions
  • Implementation of: CleanUp actions, information stands, member recruitment actions, educational events/ workshops etc.

Whats needed

  • no prerequisites are required

You will fit into our team if

...you want to do something against plastic waste pollution.

...you are interested in a waste-reduced, environmentally conscious life.

...you are open-minded & enjoy approaching people.

German Skills

Please note: For this volunteering opportunity, you need German skills on the level „Medium German skills“.

Other Things You Should Know

Important notice

COVID-19: Please always comply with the current CORONA regulations!


Your support is needed on a long-term basis.


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?



For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.