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About the volunteering opportunity

Join the Young Refugees’ Artificial Intelligence Student Empowerment Program "RAISE"! 

RAISE aims to support young migrants and refugees new to the European Union to integrate better into the labour market by developing an AI assessment and coaching tool tailored to their aspirations and needs.

For participating you will get a certificate, Youthpass and 2,5 ECTS from Vilnius University which can be measured as a learning achievement for students in most EU universities.

Your Tasks

Your activities as a Volunteer Educator include: 

  • Take the AI assessment and coaching test (answering our questionnaire in English, this will take you 5 minutes)
  • Take the supervised online training (e-VELP) based on that test (40h in English) to become a university certified volunteer educator who creates and delivers their own workshop. Check out our promotional video: https://vimeo.com/710392993 
  • Join demo meetings to share your experience with the online training
  • Offer your own workshop through a local organisation

What's needed

For this volunteering opportunity you don't need any German skills.

You are a young person with migration history or refugee (18-30 years old) and you want to share your knowledge, skills, history or culture with local communities by offering workshops or lectures? Then you are the right person!

For this engagement you need a good knowledge of English.

Time required


We are looking for young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (18-30 years old) to join our wide EU network of Volunteer Educators (VEs). We provide an online course to teach you how to transform your passion and knowledge to a workshop. We’ll make sure you have a coach supporting you all the way ‘till delivery date!

Teaching others is challenging, and the anxiety of public speaking doesn’t make it easier at all! However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot! Become a Volunteer Educator (VEs), and we promise, it will be an enriching and exciting journey from start to finish.

The aim of the online course is not only to teach you how to volunteer as a teacher. It also prepares you for the integration into your local job market as you will get the chance

  • to learn the basics of how to structure, develop and deliver your own workshop!

  • to turn your passion into a teaching experience for others!

  • to sharpen your personal skills, knowledge and attitude around a topic you are passionate about!

  • to travel to Romania and meet other VEs in April 2023!

  • to network with potential host organisations (to deliver your workshop) across Europe!

It will be fun and educational!

Important notice


Sign up now for taking the supervised online course starting in February 2023 and to secure one of the limited places at the live training in Romania in April 2023. Based on your availability, performance and commitment you can join the live training in Romania

We will get back to you as soon as you sign up


This project is location independent.


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Remote Volunteering
No German skills required
Direct contact
Remote Volunteering
No German skills required
Direct contact