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In-kind donation request

Durable food of all kinds in the Bamberg area

Schwarzenbergstraße 50, 96050 Bamberg

Information about the request


Since 2016 we fairly distribute in particular food to financially needy (currently about 200 households!), We previously ourselves from the surpluses of cooperating supermarkets, fairs and markets that can no longer be sold, sort, transport and then provide, In the course of the hoarding purchases and inflation rates starting in the "Corona crisis" , we have experienced large drops in donations; Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there is once again a shortage of food on our distribution days..

Wanted are especially drinks such as soft drinks, iced teas and juices (no water, no alcohol!); Nibbles (chips, cookies); Sweets of all kinds, canned food of all kinds; durable cheese products in particular goods as they are found in Asian, Arab and Eastern European  supermarkets.

Within Bamberg we can come depending on the offer directly pick up; if you can bring things yourself and would like to be in principle Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon the best time.

Larger donations of goods we would pick up on a case-by-case basis outside the PLZ 96 - talk to us at any time gladly  

Non-profit organisation

Retten und Teilen - RT Bamberg e.V.

Still required


Mode of transport

By mail/parcel service (postage paid by donor)
We can pick up the donation
A volunteer will drop off the donation

You have a matching offer for this donation request? Great! Simply get in touch with the organisation to let them know what you can contribute and how much of it!

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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Retten und Teilen - RT Bamberg e.V.

Under the claim "SAVE & SHARE - we help PEOPLE" at RT Bamberg e.V. work as private individuals who are committed to sustainability and for the financially weak in our immediate vicinity - especially for  homeless and Refugees.

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