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In-kind donation request

Raffle prizes wanted for our summer party

Kiefholzstr. 414, 12435 Berlin

Information about the request


The PSV Treptow e.V. makes each year a summer party, which we want to celebrate together with our clients, cooperation partners and employees.

For the summer party we would like to organize a raffle with small prizes for our guests, for which we would be happy about donations of any kind!

Non-profit organisation

Psychosozialer Verbund (PSV) Treptow e.V.

Still required


Mode of transport

By mail/parcel service (postage paid by donor)
We can pick up the donation
A volunteer will drop off the donation

You have a matching offer for this donation request? Great! Simply get in touch with the organisation to let them know what you can contribute and how much of it!

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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Psychosozialer Verbund (PSV) Treptow e.V.

We offer assisted living for mentally ill and mentally handycapped people. Also, we have an employment project in our Café Grenzenlos for people being excluded from work at the job market due to their handicaps.

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