In-kind donation request

Food cans and metal composite drinking packets

Münchener Straße 146, 28215 Bremen

Information about the request


For new upcycling projects we need food cans and metal composite drink packs, also known as CapriSuns and squeezies.

(Cans) We would be happy if the cans find their way to us washed and without paper labels. We take almost all sizes, only the very small e.g. tuna cans are not suitable for the project.
(Drinking packets) Unfortunately, the drinking packets can be found everywhere in the streets and we prefer to take collected drinking packets, for example from a CleanUp of CleanUpYourCity e.V. (in Findorff it continues on 15.08 at 17 clock).

You can bring them directly to the Klimazone, usually Monday-Thursday 9-15 or just hang them on the door.

Non-profit organisation

Klimazone Bremen-Findorff e. V.

Still required


Mode of transport

By mail/parcel service (postage paid by donor)
A volunteer will drop off the donation

You have a matching offer for this donation request? Great! Simply get in touch with the organisation to let them know what you can contribute and how much of it!

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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Klimazone Bremen-Findorff e. V.

We want the abstract CO2 minimization goal to be actively implemented in the district through concrete actions. In doing so, our activities relate primarily to the 4 main topics of mobility&transport, energy&housing, neighborhood design and consumption&nutrition.

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