Please help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and consider online and remote volunteering as an alternative for your commitment!

We are a team of dedicated citizens who have both the medical training and the experience around project and process management. All of them have been volunteering for years.

Together, we are looking for a way out of the current pandemic situation and are convinced that preventive testing - for people without symptoms - helps to stem the spread of the virus.
Through our initiative, we want to make testing uncomplicated and convenient for everyone, so that as many people as possible get tested often.


Target group(s)

We are looking for all who want to support us, a medical background is not necessary.

Founding year


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We are financed exclusively by donations, which we use to buy protective clothing, disinfectants and other materials


Through uncomplicated free testing of all symptom-free people for the Corona virus (quick tests), we would like to contribute to making our district "safer" and to preventing larger infections.

Your support helps

The fight against the spread of the Corona virus

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