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INSPIRATA - Zentrum für mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Bildung e.V.

We are committed to providing exciting, vivid, everyday and understandable as well as entertaining approaches to maths and science for all, primarily through our constantly evolving hands-on exhibition, but also with curriculum-related workshops for school classes, etc. In special exhibitions and events, we show inspiring connections between the natural sciences and areas such as art, technology and many others.

About INSPIRATA - Zentrum für mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Bildung e.V.

Target group(s)

The target groups of our education centre are really everyone, especially school classes, daycare groups, students, but also families, adult groups, clubs, companies, etc.

The target groups of our engagement search are e.g. (teaching) students (who can also use the work with our visitors for their practical experience) as well as everyone who wants to and can get involved, whether for a short or longer period of time, whether on site or from afar ...

Founding year



You can find out about the origin and use of our funds etc. on our transparency page.



INSPIRATA is a project for the promotion of mathematical and scientific education for everyone, with a special focus on school classes.

Tailored to the Saxon curricula of all types of schools, supplementary teaching measures are offered such as workshops, student lectures and special guided tours.

The INSPIRATA is particularly characterised by an intensive support system with scientific-pedagogical demands, which is mainly realised by student teachers. The INSPIRATA is integrated into the training and teaching conceptual work of the trainee teachers.

Your support helps

Your cooperation supports us e.g. at
* Maintenance, extension and supervision of the exhibit exhibition (incl. design of exhibit descriptions possibly also in other languages),
* Development of new workshops and supplementary teaching materials,
* Creation and distribution of new advertising materials for our educational offers,
* Coordination of the exhibition operation, supervision of children's groups and visitors,
* Realisation of special events and exhibitions,
* Networking
* and much more.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de

INSPIRATA - Zentrum für mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Bildung e.V.

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