NABU Hannoverscher Vogelschutzverein v. 1881 e.V.

The NABU Hannover makes nature conservation "on the doorstep":

  • Various biotope maintenance operations, e.g. hand scythe mowing.
  • Dissemination of the "nature garden idea": every m² counts! Planting gardens and balconies with native wild plants to offer caterpillar food plants for butterflies.
  • Collaboration in the Insect Alliance Hannover: from autumn 2022 plant and volunteer care of a near-natural show garden for inspiration for the population.
  • AG garbage: dealing with the issue of waste avoidance and joint garbage collection actions in the urban area.
  • AG information booths: presentation of our activities and projects as well as public relations work at information booths.
  • We have in Hemmingen, Pattensen and Sehnde each a NABU nature conservation group, which deal with local issues.
  • NAJU (Nature Conservation Youth): the current group is attended by young people of the 2007/08

About NABU Hannoverscher Vogelschutzverein v. 1881 e.V.

Target group(s)

People who want to get involved in the protection of our native nature:

  • on one-time or recurring assignments in the fresh air (landscape maintenance) > no previous experience required
  • by continuously working on our various projects, depending on time, mobile and expertise resources.

Founding year



NABU Hannover is financed by membership fees and donations.


  • Nature conservation on your own doorstep: area maintenance.
  • Inspire the population for native animals and plants and their protection.
  • Public relations and environmental education for a nature garden (and nature balcony) movement in Hannover!

Your support helps

  • because everyone is needed to help strengthen the lobby for our native plants and wildlife.
  • because the more people who participate, the more can be accomplished during  landscape maintenance outreach.
  • because each person has different resources, prior knowledge, interests, and preferences, resulting in different outreach opportunities

Our volunteering opportunities on

NABU Hannoverscher Vogelschutzverein v. 1881 e.V.

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