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BUND Fledermauszentrum Hannnover

We are in the use - each day - honorary! 

We engage ourselves in the daily use around the year honorary for the receipt of the bats and their habitats.

In an infirmary we maintain injured bats healthy and poach them afterwards again.

Furthermore we advocate concrete protection measures and advise humans over protection possibilities for bats. In this context, we also participate in various events with information booths and children's actions.

For schools, information cases with a lot of bat information for different age groups are available for loan, so that especially also the protection of species finds its place in environmental education. Of course, we are also happy to come personally to schools and kindergartens and inform the children about bat conservation.

There is also a lot going on behind the scenes, for example, there are different craft activities, logistics, outreach trips, field work and participation in bazaars, internet campaigning, organisation, demos and much more.

The work of AG Fledermäuse is varied and there is always plenty to do.  

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BUND Fledermauszentrum Hannnover