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LOOP Kinderhilfe

Who we are

LOOP Kinderhilfe is a committed children's aid organization based in Düsseldorf, with locations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein. We realize children's right to a safe home, equal opportunities and a self-determined life. In the LOOP children's homes, children who can no longer live with their own families find a new, safe home. We enable young people with difficult life circumstances, a successful integration into our society and support families with educational difficulties. Children belong to a childhood worth living!

About LOOP Kinderhilfe

Founding year


Paid staff



LOOP receives public grants from local youth welfare offices for its services. Donations enable us to expand our commitment, give children a childhood worth living and provide low-threshold and unbureaucratic help to families in crisis situations. 

LOOP Kinderhilfe is recognized as a non-profit organization operating throughout Germany by the Düsseldorf tax office. All donations are tax deductible. 


LOOP stands for protection and safety for every child, for a place where children are valued and liked. We give children a safe home.

Because children have a right to a safe home, to equal opportunities and to a self-determined life. We want this right to become a reality worldwide, because we believe that a childhood worth living belongs to children.
We support families in the event of educational difficulties.
We give the children entrusted to us a loving home, and we encourage and support them in the best possible way, so that successful integration into social life becomes possible.

Your support helps

actively support the work of LOOP Kinderhilfe. We meet the children and young people at eye level, with appreciation and great personal commitment. In addition to our outpatient and inpatient services, we focus on prevention work. Education on the subject of CHILDREN'S RIGHTS is a particular concern of ours.

We want to work with you to make us strong for the rights of children. 

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LOOP Kinderhilfe

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