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Pfötchenglück Gifhorn e.V

"We free animals from bad animal husbandry and bring them to us at the Lebenshof. Through our work, we enable them to live a happy life, as every animal deserves."

About Pfötchenglück Gifhorn e.V

Target group(s)

Which animals are rescued?

We specialize in farm animals.  We do our best to meet all cases and help all animals. When we rescue or rescue animals, we try to do this in the best interest of the animal. However, most of the time our animals are so severely sick or traumatized that they need intensive care and attention. These animals are given a place with us for life. 

Founding year


Paid staff





Wir Finanzieren uns bisher aus eigener Tasche, Sponsoren , Spender werden Aktuell gesucht 


The goal of our support association 

  • to save 

  • to help 

  •  to mediate  

  •  to support 

  •  and to inform 

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Pfötchenglück Gifhorn e.V

Herman Ehlers Ring 1
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