Wildwiesen e.V.

Wildwiesen e.V. is a non-profit association from Frankfurt that takes care of wild meadows and orchards in the west of Frankfurt. In this way, we want to create and preserve habitats for native plants and insects.

About Wildwiesen e.V.

Target group(s)

Our main target groups are: Flora and Fauna.

We offer and maintain spaces for species conservation - our fellow volunteers are mostly from the west of Frankfurt. We are locally engaged, our activities are local, our connections too.

We are looking for engaged people who want to drive ideas, organize and tackle. Ideally with the possibility to also get involved during "usual office hours" and thus support the operation of our organization.

Founding year


Paid staff





Wildwiesen e.V. is a non-profit organization whose funding is based on three pillars:

  • Membership fees (10%)
  • Donations (cash and in-kind contributions) (75%)
  • Contracts for landscape maintenance (15%)


We want to do something against the species extinction. We want to do this concretely, pragmatically and locally here in Frankfurt West.

Agreements with the Parks Department and local partners enable us to look after wildflower meadows and orchards on several sites in Frankfurt West. We want to do more than just demand, we want to make our contribution.

We want to do this by mowing and haying the wildflower meadows. We resort to extensive management techniques, as they have proven themselves over a long time in agriculture and were common. In particular, we mow the meadows so that the plants can grow and form seeds. This then provides insects with a beautiful habitat and the meadow reseeds itself.

Your support helps

helping us manage our land, communicate, organize, and collaborate with partners and interested parties.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de

Our donation requests on vostel.de

Wildwiesen e.V.

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