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DRK-Kreisverband Berlin-Nordost e.V.

The DRK-Kreisverband Berlin-Nordost e.V. was founded in 1994, has been active as a non-profit association and recognised independent carrier of youth welfare services in Marzahn since 2000 and operates the DRehKreuz Children's, Youth and Family Centre (KJFZ). The work in the KJFZ is aimed at activating the personal and socio-spatial resources of families and their children in such a way that a sustainable improvement in living and development conditions occurs. In addition to its competence in professional social work, the sponsor, as a DRK district association, has many years of experience in setting up and maintaining sustainable voluntary structures.

Thus, more than 350 volunteers are now involved in stand-by duty, the water rescue service, the Red Cross Youth and the community welfare and social work. Since October 2016, the district association has been successfully implementing a Neighbourhood Centre (NBZ) at the Sella-Hasse-Strasse location, thereby expanding its target group spectrum.

About DRK-Kreisverband Berlin-Nordost e.V.

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DRK-Kreisverband Berlin-Nordost e.V.

Sella-Hasse-Str. 19/21
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