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Schwules Kommunikations- und Kulturzentrum München - Sub e.V.

The gay communication and cultural center of Munich, the Sub e.V., is committed to a self-confident and self-determined life of gay men in this city. We see ourselves as part of the gay community of Munich and as part of the gay life of this city, which has always existed, exists and will exist. For us, the central prerequisite for a diverse and successful gay life is respectful interaction with one another and the realisation of successful social relationships.

The association develops its offers and projects according to the needs. For us, gay community means fun in diversity and commitment. Every single member of our association, every single employee shapes the Sub with his or her personality. The Sub e.V. sees itself as a gay community centre. We create offers for a good health development of each individual.

About Schwules Kommunikations- und Kulturzentrum München - Sub e.V.

Target group(s)

Sub e.V. offers a non-discriminatory framework for the individual development of each person. The psychosocial counselling centre, the prevention project, the self-help and leisure groups, the service and information facilities as well as the café of the association are open to all gays of this city - regardless of age, income, migration background and status.


We advocate for the interests of gay men in all matters of social life. To this end, we take the initiative in the areas of political participation, health promotion, education and public relations. We inform, educate and contribute to the formation of opinion in our sense. Sub e.V. is an essential mouthpiece of Munich's gay community.

Guiding principles:

  • Nothing grows by itself: We promote Munich's gay community The Sub e.V. defines itself as part of the gay community in Munich. The gay community consists of the diverse offers of gay men and for gay men (commercial as well as non-commercial) and is also a space of encounter, of togetherness and togetherness, of discussion as well as of celebration, of mutual responsibility and of political action for acceptance and respect. Sub e.V. actively shapes the development of this community through networking and political action and represents gay interests to the outside world.
  • No Romeo likes to be alone: We promote social relationships Successful and secure social relationships with other gay men are often the prerequisite for being able to advance one's own personal development and the course of one's coming out in a good way. Sub e.V. is committed to ensuring that both in its own premises and in the gay community of Munich, value is placed on friendly, solidary and respectful interaction with one another. The human being is understood as a multi-layered being, which must not be reduced to individual characteristics such as age, appearance, purchasing power etc.. The Sub e.V. offers space and offers to counteract the isolation and loneliness among gay men and promotes cross-generational encounters.
  • The mixture makes it: We promote diversity The Sub e.V. is committed to an image of humanity that sees the difference and diversity of people as enrichment. The association is also committed in its political work to ensuring that gay men are perceived and valued as part of a colourful and diverse urban society. This applies especially to the acceptance of different groups within the gay community.
  • For the lust for life: We promote health and solidarity Health is more than the absence of disease. Health means a comprehensive physical, mental and social well-being. Since the behaviour of the individual and the circumstances in which they live influence each other, it is important to oppose all forms of exclusion, ostracism and discrimination. This includes the promotion of solidarity within the gay community and in society, especially solidarity with people living with HIV and AIDS. One of the aims of the work of Sub e.V. is the promotion of health among gay men. It is achieved through: Information and education about health risks prevention offers against HIV and AIDS
  • Promotion of self-acceptance: strengthening self-confidence, strengthening the social environment of gay men and promoting self-determined lifestyles in old age.
  • The Net(z) is not everything: We promote social participation of gay men The Sub e.V. promotes and demands the active participation of gay men in the social development of the city. To this end, the association offers space for encounters and networking and thus the opportunity to exchange ideas, develop common interests and implement them. The Sub e.V. takes a stand when gay men are hindered in their participation in social life.
  • With heart and mind in form: We promote the cultural participation of gay men in our society We promote the cultural participation of gay men in our society In its offers and projects, the Sub e.V. creates the possibility that the lives of gay men, their wishes and desires, their experiences and their history, their desire and their fear can find expression in different cultural and artistic forms. Exchange, networking with other cultural institutions and the permanent confrontation with social developments also play an important role in the cultural field.
  • Active/Passive? We are active against exclusion and discrimination With its work and its offers, Sub e.V. sends a clear signal against all degrading or devaluing attitudes towards gay men, regardless of whether these attitudes are to be found within or outside the gay community. The aim of the work of the association and all its branches is to reduce the exclusion and discrimination of gay men. We reject discrimination of any kind, the rooms and offers of the Sub e.V. are open to all interested users, regardless of age, origin, religion, disability, etc. Homophobic, racist or sexist attitudes and activities are not tolerated in the rooms and offers of the Sub e.V..

Schwules Kommunikations- und Kulturzentrum München - Sub e.V.

Müllerstraße 14
80469 München