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WEbuilding is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation founded by an international group of architects, united by a common purpose: to help deprived communities through sustainable public building projects. We serve as the support for the local NGOs, so that they can develop projects for various public buildings. With our architectural background, we believe we can provide valuable technical expertise so the projects can be done as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, local organisations have a much better understanding of what is needed and can identify social problems more easily, so every project depends on collaborating with them. After partnering with a local NGO that we feel is reliable and has enough experience, we begin the project, do fundraising and take care of the construction. Following completion, it is the duty of the local organisation to manage the project.

About We-Building e.V

Target group(s)

Our target group are kids and young people coming from vulnerable communities. We are currently working in Ghana, Mozambique and Cameroun. In the future, we would like to work in Latin America as well.

Founding year


Paid staff





We have two types of financing. The funds for construction projects come from foundations, and the funds for everything else come from what we sell, and also from private donations.


Our goal of this year is to build a primary school in Koforidua, Ghana, for about 150 kids.

Your support helps

kids from deprived communities to have better opportunities.

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