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Reviving Home

Reviving Home is a digital platform that helps rebuild crisis-torn cities. But to start it, your help is needed! Reviving Home helps displaced people to rebuild and revive their crisis torn-cities from bottom up. For us, “reviving” is all about providing access to capital, connecting people with skills and expertise to rebuild while at the same time empowering communities to come together.

About Reviving Home

Target group(s)

Displaced people whom they lost their properties because of War and crisis and became diaspora. 

Founding year


Paid staff





So far We finance our work by donations. 


Transparenz ist unser oberstes Gebot, wir bieten Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe: Wiederaufbau von unten nach oben, Wir verbinden Wiederaufbau mit Crowdfunding, Wir schaffen wirtschaftliche Perspektiven, Wir stärken den sozialen Zusammenhalt, Wir stärken Diasporagemeinden, Wir bauen ein nachhaltiges und wirkungsorientiertes 

Your support helps

We have a lot of tasks to do, you can help by working online like translating to German, English or Arabic.

By your help we can help more people, we can start doing great job together.

Our volunteering opportunities on

Reviving Home

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