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ZuBaKa gGmbH

ZuBaKa stands for Zukunftsbaukasten (future components) and is a non-profit social enterprise based in Frankfurt am Main. We contribute to more equal opportunities and educational justice by conducting project lessons over a school year in classes for immigrant youths with refugee and migration backgrounds. In addition, we organize afternoon activities and holiday programs to support newly arrived young people in their start in Germany.

We are a small, young team that is very individualized and flexible in its approach to the strengths and needs of each and every one of us.

About ZuBaKa gGmbH

Target group(s)

Our target group are young people with a refugee or migration background who are in the process of finding their way around a new city and school, but also in the education and training system.

Founding year



As a non-profit social enterprise, we finance ourselves through donations, endowments and corporate sponsorships.


Our aim is to support newly arrived young people in their start at school and in their careers, thus promoting their social and economic participation.

Your support helps

...immigrant youth to find their way around their new city and feel comfortable.

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ZuBaKa gGmbH

Im Prüfling 10
60389 Frankfurt am Main