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Wooligans - gemeinsam sträkeln für eine warme Gesellschaft e.V.

Two stitches with one needle - this is how you can sum up what the wooligans do: Bringing people together through their common hobby knitting/crocheting and doing good with the finished works. These are given to people in poverty and without shelter.

About Wooligans - gemeinsam sträkeln für eine warme Gesellschaft e.V.

Target group(s)

- People whose hobby is knitting and crocheting and who want to use their talent for a good cause

- people living in poverty and/or without shelter

Founding year



The association is financed by membership fees and donations.


What we do

The Wooligans create the necessary conditions for all volunteers who want to get involved in society by knitting and crocheting clothes for homeless and people in need.

What is important to us

- To create a common goal for people of all ages, sexes and backgrounds in order to connect them.

- To enable every interested person to participate and thus strengthen the community.

- An appreciative, open atmosphere and respectful interaction based on humanistic values.

What motivates us

The wish ...

  • to reduce prejudices
  • to promote understanding
  • to counteract loneliness and isolation
  • to raise awareness for people in precarious situations

Your support helps

...homeless and people affected by poverty. With your commitment you show appreciation for people who are marginalised and live in social isolation.

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Wooligans - gemeinsam sträkeln für eine warme Gesellschaft e.V.

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