Aktion Integration e.V. (AKI)

We are a young and motivated team whose wish is to promote the integration of refugees in the Ludwigsburg area through relationships and open offers. This is done, for example, through visits to families, German language courses, trainee programmes or a dance group for girls.

About Aktion Integration e.V. (AKI)

Target group(s)

Refugees in the district of Ludwigsburg. There are different offers for women, men, children and for whole families.

Founding year


Paid staff





We finance ourselves through foundations and donations.


Our aim is to promote integration through friendships and relationships, to break down barriers on both sides and to shape the future together. Our mission is to ensure that refugees in Germany feel welcome, find their place in society and assume responsibility in society and also in voluntary work. We promote this through our open offers and through visits to accommodation and apartments.

Your support helps

... that refugees become a part of society and build friendships with locals; that they recognise their strengths and value and use these resources responsibly in volunteering and in society. Your participation makes a difference in the lives of individuals. You are allowed to shape, encourage and support them, and you are simply allowed to share life with them and come into exchange.

Our volunteering opportunities on vostel.de

Aktion Integration e.V. (AKI)

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