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Evangelische Schulstiftung in der EKBO

The Evangelische Schulstiftung in the EKBO is the largest independent school institution in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. 32 schools at 24 locations give around 10,000 pupils the opportunity to educate and develop their own personalities - regardless of their ethnic, social or religious background. We are open to all!

About Evangelische Schulstiftung in der EKBO

Target group(s)

Pupils from protestant schools in Berlin and Brandenburg

Paid staff





The Evangelische Schulstiftung is a church foundation under public law. It works according to charitable principles.

As public schools in independent administration, we only receive a subsidy from the states of Berlin and Brandenburg for personnel costs. We have to bear the remaining expenses, which correspond to about one third of the total costs, ourselves.

As at other independent schools, it is therefore necessary to charge income-related school fees. Siblings pay a reduced amount. Parents with low incomes can be exempted from paying school fees.


The Evangelische Schulstiftung in the EKBO is an expression of the will of the Regional Church to fulfil its educational mission for the coming generation.

The foundation wants to promote cooperation between the institutions responsible for protestant schools and between schools themselves, and to sharpen the profile of protestant schools.

Your support helps

...our schools on their way to an inclusive school network to enable pupils from different starting conditions to participate in the best possible way and thus to make educational justice a reality".

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Evangelische Schulstiftung in der EKBO

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