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Babsi Community e.V.

BABSI is all about authentic culinary experiences. People eat together, regionally, vegetarian or vegan. Traditions are (re)discovered, inhibitions are reduced, sustainable behavior patterns are developed.

BABSI is still under construction. You can follow the latest developments on our Instagram profile.

About Babsi Community e.V.

Target group(s)

The hungry and cooking people of Germany!

A conscious inclusion of groups affected by discrimination, such as people with a migration history and older people, is also important to us. The idea's value proposition is to bring them together with other age groups, social milieus and nations. Problems such as loneliness and prejudice are addressed in this way. BABSI is meant to connect people who would not meet elsewhere. Human encounters are one of the most important elements of the idea!

Founding year





The idea won a prize in the first phase of the competition for social innovations " Gesellschaft der Ideen" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is currently in the second phase.


BABSI's main goal is to spread and strengthen low animal consumption. Through workshops and cooking classes, especially in rural areas, traditional vegetarian dishes are rediscovered. Barriers and inhibitions that some people have towards vegetarian food should be overcome. 

The food prepared through BABSI is also a healthy alternative to restaurants: Not only is it authentic and traditional, but it is also cooked from regional and seasonal ingredients. In the long run, structures for local supply should be established, allowing providers to work with local supplier farms, preferably in organic quality. 

The project also has positive effects on tourism: Less known small villages can benefit from increased tourism, also in the low season. The gastronomic offer in rural areas is expanded and differentiated, which can contribute to increasing the income and quality of life of the suppliers.

Your support helps

to realise this idea. Nothing is set in stone, you can get involved and make this idea yours! Together we create a key team that decides how to proceed. It is not important how many hours per week you can invest. Just get in touch and we'll see if and how we fit together.

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Babsi Community e.V.

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