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Care & Travel

Writing, painting and drawing poems, pictures and texts for retirement homes against loneliness

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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Care & Travel

Care & Travel is a student initiative that brings young and old together.
In a nursing home, young travellers give their time to the residents, are provided with food and accommodation and can explore a new city at the same time.

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About the volunteering opportunity

Writing, painting and drawing poems, pictures and texts for retirement homes against loneliness

Since the exchange between generations is very important to us even in these difficult times and we want to support the residents of the elderly homes, we have started a collection of letters.

We are thankful for every painted picture and every handmade flower, for every poem and every short text - simply everything that makes our seniors' time more varied and shows that we are thinking of them.

Only together can we overcome this crisis! Help us to give some comfort and hope.

This way you can help

Your Tasks

Let your creativity flow - no matter if it's drawn, made, written ... - or just pick out some old children's drawings of yours, which you might have thrown away anyway.

Put everything in an envelope and send it to us so that we can forward it to the retirement homes that receive the least support from the neighbourhood etc.

Whats needed

You need time, creativity (but that's also optional :D) and the will to help other people.

And also an envelope and a stamp so that you can send us your text, picture, drawing, poem... your text, picture, drawing, poem...

If you do not have a stamp at home, you can buy an online stamp (you will need a printer) or a mobile stamp.

You will fit into our team if

You also want to do something during the Corona crisis and not sit idly by at home.

German Skills

For this volunteering opportunity you don't need any German skills.

Other Things You Should Know


It is ok to only help once.


Am I covered by accident and/or casualty insurance during the project?



For this project, we ask you to arrange an individual meeting.