Volunteering opportunity in a NGO about Non-formal Education, Youth Work and Environmental Education

Next Level e.V.

Ilversgehofen, 99089 Erfurt, Thüringen
No German skills required
Discussed individually
  • Kids & Teenagers
  • Climate & Nature Protection
  • Design
  • Development Cooperation
  • Education & Language Support
  • Mentoring, Sponsoring & Career Coaching
  • Organisation & Administration
  • PR & Communication

About the volunteering opportunity

Possible roles:
  1. Program and project development
  2. funding acquisition (grant writer)
  3. Support and assistance during meetings and training sessions
  4. Travel management and communication
  5. Bookkeeping
  6. Web development and design
  7. Content creator social media
  8. Filming and photography support
  9. Janitorial work - handyman
  10. Digital marketing (remote work possible)

Your Tasks

Each role involves different tasks and skills:

  1. Program and project developer:

    • Developing new programs and projects for the association
    • Planning activities and events as part of the programs and projects
    • Coordination of project teams and resources
  2. Funding acquisition (grant writer):

    • Researching funding opportunities and grants
    • Writing applications and grant proposals
    • Maintaining relationships with funding bodies and sponsors
  3. Support and assistance with meetings and training sessions:

    • Organization and implementation of meetings, trainings and workshops
    • Supporting participants with integration and participation in the events
    • Provision of materials and resources for the events
  4. Travel management and communication:

    • Planning and organizing travel for participants and employees
    • Booking accommodation, transportation and event venues
    • Communication with travel agencies, hotels and transportation companies
  5. Accounting and controlling:

    • Bookkeeping and management of the association's financial resources
    • Preparation of financial reports and budgets
    • Monitoring expenditure and income as well as compliance with guidelines and regulations
  6. Web development and design:

    • Development and maintenance of the association's website
    • Designing online materials and resources
    • Implementation of new features and user experience improvements
  7. Content Creator Social Media:

    • Creating content for various social media platforms
    • Planning and implementation of social media campaigns
    • Interacting with the community and responding to queries
    • Article creation and journalism
  8. Filming and photography:

    • Documentation of events, meetings and activities in images and video
    • Editing and publishing photographic and film material
    • Maintenance of archives and media libraries
  9. Janitor activities and craftsmen:

    • Maintenance and upkeep of the association's premises and equipment
    • Carrying out repairs and renovation work
    • Ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for participants and staff
  10. Digital Marketing (remote work possible):

    • Developing marketing strategies for digital channels
    • Creation of promotional materials and campaigns
    • Analysis of marketing data and optimization of campaigns

What's needed

For this volunteering opportunity you don't need any German skills.
What we are looking for:

  • A strong sense of initiative and responsibility.
  • Genuine motivation and enjoyment of the subject area.
  • Commitment to ecological and environmental issues.
  • A willingness to learn and grow in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Time required

Discussed individually
We are flexible when it comes to the duration of the volunteer service. However, we prefer volunteers who want to work with us on a regular basis so that they can become part of the community and get to know the processes, activities and people in the association.

Our regular working hours are from 9:00 am to 06:00 pm during the week. However, certain tasks, especially those associated with youth meetings and training sessions, may require us to work weekends and late evenings. These exceptions are part of the dynamic and immersive experience we offer.
We have no application deadlines and welcome your interest at any time.

Important notice

Basic knowledge of German is useful, but not essential; we also work with English or French-speaking volunteers.


Next Level e.V.

Next Level e.V. offers informal education and counseling for young people. We work with national and international partners. We demand the confrontation with problems and challenges of society and help young people and young adults to develop and implement sustainable solutions. This is done through diverse learning arrangements such as professional training, seminars, workshops, study trips, youth encounters, work camps and volunteer services.


More about the organisation
Ilversgehofen, 99089 Erfurt, Thüringen
No German skills required
Discussed individually
Ilversgehofen, 99089 Erfurt, Thüringen
No German skills required
Discussed individually