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In-kind donation request

Video projector for events on the topic of burnout and depression

Kanalstr. 57, 41460 Neuss

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Corona has taught us at Bundesverband Burnout und Depression e.V. to accept online events. We, like others, converted all events from presence to online. This was technically relatively easy and feasible without equipment. We will continue to offer online-only events, but the future format will be hybrid. This way, the advantages of online, e.g., greater reach, can be combined with the advantages of presence, such as personal contact.

Unfortunately, the technical challenges are greater with a hybrid model. We already have an external camera, a mixer, cables, adapters, but what we lack is a beamer so that the participants present in person can see the online participants. Model and brand of the beamer are not important to us.

Non-profit organisation

Bundesverband Burnout und Depression e.V.

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By mail/parcel service (postage paid by us)
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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Bundesverband Burnout und Depression e.V.

The German IFGL e.V. association founds and organises ABC - Andere Burnout Cafés (other burnout cafés) throughout Germany. Through the ABCs IFGL e.V. primarily supports people affected by and at risk for stress-induced diseases. In addition, IFGL e.V. supports companies in their activities to build up and maintain a healthy working environment. The association helps those affected, those at risk and their relatives by providing information, advice, training and coaching. It gives advice on therapeutic, social and medical support and tries to educate companies, the public and politicians and to raise awareness of this topic. In addition, the focus is on strengthening the cooperation between those affected and the companies and helping them to help themselves by founding local ABCs. So far 50 members nationwide have committed themselves to support the goals of IfGL.

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