In-kind donation request

Car trailers up to 3.5 tons - box trailers

Friedenstr. 23, 77781 Biberach

Information about the request


Initial situation:

Our non-profit association exists since 2018. Our main source of income is our large village festival with Unimog and Schleppertreffen that we carry out for 17 years in Biberach in the village center. 

Through donations and purchases, the association has a variety of materials for holding the festival including umbrellas, seating, advertising banners, crockery, electrical equipment, signs, cash organization means, etc.. These utensils are currently scattered over many different households and garages and must be gathered again for the festival date.

This type of storage is also not really appropriate, so shrinkage occurs or damage occurs.

In particular due to the fact that for the clearly increased village celebration 2023 still further things must be purchased the question arises about a reasonable storage and transport possibility.

Solution approach:

Neither the municipality of Biberach nor private supporters see themselves in the position to offer a suitable camp on foreseeable time. Therefore, the executive committee has come up with the idea to procure a "rolling clubhouse" in the form of a used box trailer. The advantages of such a suitcase trailer are:

  • it is lockable and thus safely protected from theft
  • the contents are protected from the weather (moisture, sunlight)
  • the inventory is always accessible
  • the clarity is given
  • for the running costs (insurance / tax etc) has found a sponsor

About an donations we would be pleased.

Non-profit organisation

Galana River School Project e.V.

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Mode of transport

We can pick up the donation
A volunteer will drop off the donation

You have a matching offer for this donation request? Great! Simply get in touch with the organisation to let them know what you can contribute and how much of it!

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About the Non-Profit Organisation

Galana River School Project e.V.

We run a school in Kenya on the Galana River and are permanently expanding it. We also run an infirmary as the nearest town is 4 hours drive away. Our sphere of action is the Mwanza village community and a part of the board is for about 10 months a year directly on site and leads the measures personally.

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