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DOK.fest München - Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München e.V.

DOK.fest Munich is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe with a focus on long international documentaries. We show about 150 films from 47 countries.

About DOK.fest München - Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München e.V.

Target group(s)

The DOK.fest Munich aims to attract all lovers and fans of long documentaries. Every year in May, around 150 films from 47 countries are shown in Munich. Normally at various venues in the centre of Munich with filmmakers from all over the world as guests. This year also directly in your living room @home. The DOK.forum takes place parallel to the festival. The DOK.forum is the industry platform of the DOK.fest Munich and a meeting place for professionals.

Founding year



We love the cinema documentary as an art form that uses cinematic aesthetics to discuss relevant values and invites intercultural dialogue on a social, artistic and personal level. The documentary film in all its diversity is equally artistically valuable and socially relevant and thus the art of the hour. As a film festival rich in tradition, we need the cinema as a place for the best possible representation of documentary film culture and as a place for encounter and exchange.

Our role as a festival is to bring these important films and the audience together. We have been increasingly successful in this in recent years. DOK.fest Munich is now the largest festival of its kind in Germany with great, also international, reach and relevance. Due to the lockdown, we went completely online at short notice with the online edition 2020 in a feat of strength and have also experienced great popularity from the audience and the participating rights holders. We were even able to give the cinemas a share of the proceeds.

As one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe, we see it as our duty and responsibility to create a vision and concrete perspective for the future of cinema documentaries - and not only for the upcoming festival edition in May 2021, but rather in the awareness that now is the moment in which we can shape the future role of documentary film in society. There will be no return back to yesterday. The future, on the other hand, can best be predicted if you help to determine it yourself.

Your support helps

As a volunteer you can help to shape the festival and - depending on the current situation and regulations - participate in the following areas

  • Support for our "@home area"
  • cinema support
  • DOK.forum industry platform
  • VR Pop-Up Cinema

We offer

  • the atmosphere of an international festival
  • exclusive insights into the organisation of a major cultural event
  • a comfortable working environment in a committed and open-minded team
  • an online festival pass and thus the possibility to watch all films
  • a dual film festival that takes place both in the cinema and on the home screen

DOK.fest München - Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München e.V.

Dachauer Str. 116
80636 München