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ArbeiterKind.de Leipzig

ArbeiterKind.de encourages and supports all those who are the first in their family to study or would like to study. The heart of ArbeiterKind.de are the volunteers in over 80 local groups nationwide. We tell our own story at schools, information stands, open meetings or consultation hours and thus encourage others to study.

The Leipzig group supports and advises in all matters from the decision-making process and the start of studies to graduation and starting a career.

About ArbeiterKind.de Leipzig

Target group(s)

Our success is based on a nationwide network of volunteer mentors, many of whom are first-generation students themselves. They encourage through their own educational history, thus fulfilling a role model function and offering need-oriented and easily accessible local support for pupils, students and parents.

We make our services available to prospective students, students and their families throughout Germany in an unbureaucratic, low-threshold and on-site manner. Of course, it is free of charge for all those seeking advice.

Founding year


Paid staff





ArbeiterKind.de lives from the voluntary commitment of the mentors on site. The necessary full-time structures and material expenses are financed by public grants, funding from foundations, fees for services, and donations from companies and private individuals.

ArbeiterKind.de joined the Transparent Civil Society initiative as a non-profit limited liability company in 2016. On the website >www.arbeiterkind.de/ueber-uns/transparenz< we provide information about where our financial resources come from, how we use them, what results we achieve and who the decision-makers at ArbeiterKind.de are.


The number of students in Germany has been rising steadily for years. In Germany, however, origin is still a decisive factor in young people's decision to study. Studies show that 79 out of every 100 children from families with an academic background start university studies, while 27 out of every 100 children from families without university experience decide to study. This divergence has remained constant in recent years, and social selection continues at universities.

ArbeiterKind.de's vision is that every child in Germany has the chance to advance in education and make a well-informed decision about their own educational path.

Your support helps

concretely help people on their educational and professional path.

You can be a role model with your own personal biography and encourage other people to follow their path.

There are many different ways to get involved with us: online in our network, as a mentor, in a local group with school events, lectures and stands at fairs and universities, and much more.
We are sure you will find a task that makes sense to you and that you enjoy!


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ArbeiterKind.de Leipzig

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